Mothers Day Thoughts

Happy Tuesday stoners! Lordy be it has been a crazy ass month so far! We’ve got less than 12 days left of the school year, something that’s starting to give me minor (major) anxiety. Every year it’s the same, the school year ends far sooner than I was ready for, and then I blink and there are kids all over the house. All day long. Eating all the food and leaving it in various corners.

When you rely on the school hours to run your non-child friendly empire (*cough stoner mom cough*), summer can be a drag. And so I am making a plan, as usual, to keep me sane this summer, and to keep control of screen time. For me the most challenging part of summer parenting is that nagging feeling of guilt I get, that they aren’t learning enough, or exercising their brains enough. I don’t think I’m alone in this. It makes me paranoid that I should be formally teaching them something daily, but then I think, really? Am I really going to start beating myself up over not becoming a goddamn teacher every summer? No. No I am not.

Mothers Day was last weekend, and I found myself thinking about those first days of motherhood. It was just me and little Victoria, who I call the Original V (OV). She nursed constantly, so I spent a year sitting on my rump with a tit in her mouth, singing.

I love to sing. I sing a lot. This is not me saying, I am a good singer. I just like to flap my jaws I guess, and I love lyrics so much. So when my first child was born it seemed natural to sing to her, and I still do today though she is nine.

When Victoria was born I held her in my arms and sang “What are you doing for the rest of your Life”. Crooning softly to those large cheeks, smacking sounds as she fed hungrily from me, and tears on my face because I was filled with such love, such devotion to this tiny creature.

And when you stand before
The candles on a cake.
Oh let me be the one to hear
The silent wish you make.

I would sing other songs too, like The Cure’s Love Song. And every night I would put her to bed with a Rockabye Baby album of Cure covers, embedding the morose deep into her psyche. My kids will be advanced in the ways of emo. Like their mother.


As I told my beloved patrons yesterday, I have settled on a posting schedule over there on my Patreon feed. Check it out:

  • Monday’s are Elevated Parenting days! Every Monday I release a video from my parenting series “Elevated Parenting”.  My first two videos on Patreon are a good example of what these videos are like. Video one was “My Parenting Journey” where I talk about how I got to where I am today. In Video two I cover a much requested topic, “How I talked to my kid about Cannabis” and it was surprisingly easier than I imagined it would be.I have a massive episode list for Elevated Parenting, so if stoner parenting is something you care about, please consider becoming a patron. Soon I will post an episode list so you can see what is to come.  For now, next Monday’s video (May 16) will be about routines and schedules, for babies, toddlers, kids, and stoner moms!
  • Starting Tuesday, May 31, David and I are launching another new video series! The Stoner Mom Grows is our new twelve week series on growing weed at home! Every Tuesday I will upload a new video from The Stoner Mom Grows. These will be easily digestible videos, where David takes all the intimidation out of growing that bit of medicine of your own. Know someone who is dying to grow their own ganja? Tell them to become a Patron! You can become a patron for as little as $1 a month; that’s a pretty screaming deal for hours of growing information.

Are you as excited as I am? Maybe a little? The Stoner Mom is growing like a weed ya’ll. 😉


Motivational Monday (sometimes Tuesday hehe) is The Stoner Mom’s weekly music post dedicated to introducing moms to some non-dorky jams. Or maybe it’s just an excuse for The Stoner Mom to listen to her favorite jams? In 2015 I highlighted my favorite rap songs. This year I’m covering my all-time favorite songs.


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