Cherry Diesel 5 (2)

Cherry Diesel

HYBRID- Sativa Dominant

Cherry Diesel is quickly advancing its way in my heart due to its major mood lift. For a depressive like me it is really something when a strain is able to pull you out of a funk almost instantly. With an appealing fruitiness blending nicely with the diesel taste, Cherry hits smooth and doesn’t leave the room smelling like cat pee. Definitely put this baby through the grinder a couple of times and rejoice at the almost powdery result from these dense nuggets.

Like the renowned Sour Diesel, Cherry Diesel is an effective treatment for pain, depression and anxiety. It provides an almost instant energy boost for me, making me get up and bounce around the house joyfully cleaning or starting ambitious new projects. Euphoria and chattiness reign supreme with this strain, making it a fabulous choice for social settings. This is a social high for the most stoic of introverts.

Fast acting, with a relatively short duration (for me). There is no couch lock or crash after it wears off and is a good choice for daytime use.  A very high functioning high.

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Cherry Diesel 5

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