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The Stoner Mom Diaries | Scenes from Summer 

We’re into the last days of summer over here in casa de la stoner! Summer has been full and fun and as family focused as it’s supposed to be. Now that we’re into the last days I’m seriously looking forward to the return to a conventional schedule, ie, kids in school. Back with a routine, back with regular content, early mornings and early nights.

I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging and sharing more, and decided to start posting these stoner mom diaries posts every week. It’s a good vehicle to share personal stuff, no matter how boring or dramatic, and to also share stoner mom news that I always feel like I tell you guys about but actually never do. So anyway, scroll on for our summer memories, stoner mom news, and current gear I’m loving.


A couple weeks ago we had a brief family vacation in Nevada, to see my parents and to let them hang out with the grandkids. We stayed at a casino/resort near their house and the girls spent every day in the pool and every afternoon hanging with us and the grandparents.

David and I were able to play slot machines together for about an hour- turns out that’s as long as I can stand before getting depressed. David managed to come up $250 playing a mystical unicorn game. I was not so lucky. I’m glad I no longer have a casino right below me because sitting down there with cheap drinks, excellent people watching, and throwing away money is kind of addicting.

Mostly I just liked being in the desert, even with 115°F evenings. There’s something mesmerizing about these man-made oases in the hottest parts of the country. I can see why people live there. Plus, legal weed.

Traveling also always means a brief tolerance break for yours truly, at least from flower. I did bring a vape pen and some concentrate, as well as a few edibles, but when I’m on vacation with the family I typically don’t have much opportunity to use cannabis recreationally or medically. So since I’ve been back my tolerance has been crazy low and I’m loving how high I’m getting with just a few tokes!

Summer Redux

Looking back at this post, things pretty much went as planned. We swam so much, had lots of blended sibling time, visited classic Colorado haunts like Casa Bonita, Lakeside Amusement Park, and Water World. We watched tons of movies, had plenty of lazy days at the house, attended camp, had family visit, out-of-town friends, and a great fourth of July.

Feeding lorikeets at the zoo
Finally broke my cherry and visited Casa Bonita. Now I’m a real Coloradoan.

Hair Adventures

My youngest kiddo Lizzy turned 9 last month and in addition to a new Truly Me American Girl doll, I made her a hair appointment at my salon, her first time outside of a kid salon. Lizzy is my little delight, and this year she has developed a huge interest in styling hair. She does her dolls hair on a daily basis, begs for chances to braid my or her sisters’ hair, has started photographing all her finished styles for her “portfolio” and talks frequently about being a stylist when she grows up. Her first visit to the Aveda salon that I use was wonderful. She was so excited by everything, the moment we walked in she inhaled and said “I already want to work here”. And then she was treated to oils, fragrances, massage, cut, blow dry and curls! The salon was so sweet and even gave her a little birthday goodie bag with Aveda products and candy in it!

Les Misérables

Last weekend David and I got to cross something special off my bucket list, finally seeing a production of Les Miserables! David presented me with these tickets back in February for my 35th birthday, and finally the big show had arrived! We got all dressed up and hot boxed the car like a couple of theater regulars.

The show itself was incredible. Every role was expertly acted and sung, and my favorite character Javert was played by total babe Josh Davis. I haven’t listened to anything other than the soundtrack since, trying to preserve the scenes and sounds in my memory forever. It was truly magical for me and something I have dreamed about for years. I am so grateful I was able to finally go with the love of my life by my side, plus a purse full of edibles.

A dream come true for my birthday: Les Misérables!

Kidless Week to Refocus

This week my girls are gone, off on a cruise to the Bahamas with their dad and family. This typically happens once or twice a year, my kids being gone for around a week, leaving me alone with my devices. I can get a little depressed when my kids are gone, so I usually try to mitigate that by being really organized with my time and getting a lot done. Here’s what I’m planning on:

  • Seeing girl friends in the flesh! It’s always fun to sesh with people other than my husband, so I’m hoping at least someone will come sesh with me during my time off mom duty.
  • Fully auditing the site. I’ve put it off but needs some love and attention. The list of things to audit is pretty horrendous too, I have over 500 posts here and I want to go through each and every one of them to freshen them up and keep them relevant. There are many videos from the great YouTube purge that haven’t been updated or uploaded here, so I’ll be spending a few days dedicated to that.
  • Making lots of content. The content creators dream is always to have a backlog of content so one isn’t always scrambling to hit publish. This upcoming week I’m really hoping to get that backlog made so I can be a month in advance of my editorial calendar. I seem to plan this every year and always have trouble following through, so we’ll see how I do. Wish me luck.
  • Preparing for back to school. School starts up next week and we’ve got all the supplies packed and ready to go. Last things on the list are to clean and organize the house for the school year, to transition everyone to the new schedule, and to pick up a couple of fresh outfits.

Stoner Mom News | the business side of The Stoner Mom

High Times TV

Cannabis media heavyweight High Times has launched High Times TV, a video platform packed with cannabis content from some of your favorite cannabis figures, including yours truly. Yes, High Times TV has a Stoner Mom channel! This is huge news for us and I’m really hoping High Times TV continues to grow and is able to provide some top quality content for cannabis enthusiasts, on a platform much safer than YouTube. High Times TV already has channels for classic influencers like Custom Grow 420, That High Couple, The High Rise co, and Ruffhouse Studios, with new channels and videos being added all the time.

Currently on my channel you can find some of my favorite episodes of The Stoner Mom Show, plus a brand new High Times TV exclusive video where I sesh and introduce myself! Over the next week I’ll be uploading more videos from my archive to my High Times Channel, so hopefully soon I’ll have the entire Stoner Mom catalog on High Times TV.

In the future I am planning on releasing a High Times exclusive sesh every week, so if you can’t get enough of The Stoner Mom Show, be sure to bookmark High Times TV! And if you love watching sesh videos on mobile, download the High Times TV app from iTunes or Google Play to make it easier.

The Stoner Mom Shop

Our little Stoner Mom Shop is growing every day! We are always adding new products and providing discount codes when we can, so if you’re interested in any of the glass, gear, accessories, or CBD products featured on the blog or in videos, please check out The Shop.

Stoner Gear | a weekly roundup of cannabis products I’m loving

This week it’s all about simple accessories that enhance my cannabis lifestyle. Clockwise from top left:

Plain Jane CBD Rolls – cigarette-style CBD flower pre-rolls, perfect for discreet CBD medicating
FlicWic lighter and wick case – FlicWic makes using hemp wick as easy as grabbing a lighter
CBDfx Strawberry Lemonade Vape Pen – goof-proof CBD vape pen, perfect for CBD newbies
Sensi Vape Pens – these luxurious pens are my favorite way to consume concentrates
Cinderwitch Torches – I’ve graduated to a big girl torch hand it’s making a huge difference in my dab game


The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.

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  1. Being organized keeps me happy, went through all my kids clothes. My 2 boys start school next week and I am looking forward to our routines.
    Looks like your kids have had an awesome summer. Can’t wait for more me time and new content from you.