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A Midweek Sesh & Giveaway!

OMG I’m vlogging ya’ll! Today I’ve got something special for you, a short little peek behind the scenes of my life. I’m really trying to start vlogging more here, and I figured a short one would be a good way to ease into the habit. Join me for a morning hemp sesh, errand running,  a small Target haul, and picking up around the house with some bong hits in between.

I also have a hemp giveaway running, so if you’d like a chance to win 21 total grams of beautiful hemp flower from Top Shelf Hemp, be sure to scroll to the end of this post!

Sesh Notes

Top Shelf Hemp | premium hemp grown with quality, sustainability, and consumer experience in mind

Today’s morning sesh started with a pleasant mix of Top Shelf Hemp’s Lifter and an energizing cannabis strain from our home grow. Top Shelf Hemp is a Missouri-based company specializing in beautiful organically grown hemp. They are focused on establishing the line between craft smokable hemp flower, and hemp that is grown for extraction. Top Shelf Hemp is committed to sustainably-grown hemp, using its own farm as well as no-till practices. They believe in the power of hemp outside of the cannabinoids, which is why they always put the planet over profits.

Kind Remedies (the parent company to Top Shelf Hemp™) number one goal is sustainably grown industrial hemp. When it comes to farming and working with Mother Nature, we believe that the use of pesticides, tilling, excessive plastic, and poor curing practices are the poison of this Industry. This is why our own farm, and partner farms are sourced carefully to use organic, virgin land. We use no till practices and believe the micro organisms in the soil are the best thing for our plants. –

In addition to sustainably grown hemp flower, Top Shelf Hemp carries prerolls, moonrocks, and other cannabinoids like delta 8, delta 9, and more. Shop their products and learn more about their process at, and don’t forget to enter my giveaway below for a chance to win 21 grams of Top Shelf Hemp!

Top Shelf Hemp Giveaway

Top Shelf Hemp was so kind to sponsor a giveaway opportunity for my stoner mom readers! We’re giving away three seperate 7-gram hemp strains from Top Shelf Hemp.
One winner will receive:

7 grams of Legendary
7 grams of Kush E E1
7 grams of Shasta Candy

To enter, simply click the link below to my giveaway page!

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Rules and Regulations: No purchase is required to win. Giveaway open from 3/30/2022 thru 4:20 pm MT on 4/1/2022.
Must be 21 years or older and a legal resident of the United States to enter.


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  1. Christina

    Yessss!!!! I love these kind of vlogs!! 💚💚💚💚

  2. This vlog was so much fun! Thanks for bringing us with you Lady K!!

    The Top Shelf hemp looks amazing!

  3. YES! I am HERE for vlogs! Nothing better than Target tokes! <3

  4. Yes please have more mid week sesh blogs!! Loved your target tokes…lol

  5. Love the vlog! So fun to watch while cleaning my own kitchen 😊