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Wright & Well | Aryuveda-Inspired Cannabis Topicals and Tinctures

Wright & Well’s line of infused topicals and tinctures were inspired by the holistic whole-body approach of ayurvedic medicine. Currently only available in Oregon dispensaries, Wright & Well’s soothing topicals and tinctures should be considered next time our Pacific Northwest stoners are out cannabis shopping.

Wright & Well is an Ayurveda-inspired line with Hemp Root Oil that is uniquely formulated to help people move freely and live a thriving life. We use the highest-quality Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Root Oil, crafted through our exclusive proprietary extraction process to set these products, and your experiences with them, beyond the expected.

Key Highlights

  • THC and CBD-infused topicals for targeted relief
  • Products made with carefully selected strains like Purple Hindu Kush, and ethically sourced, sustainable ingredients
  • Hemp CBD tincture for those looking for a legal, low-THC product

Products Available

Extraction Method

Wright & Well uses a proprietary, single-pass alcohol extraction method.

Our proprietary extraction method for processing hemp root oil provides us the fullest (and most complete) spectrum of terpenes and other powerful active compounds like triterpene friedelin. Our philosophy is that you don’t need to add it back in if you don’t take it out in the first place.

Wright & Well Products I’ve Tried

Hemp CBD Tincture

With around 8 mg of CBD per serving, Wright & Well’s hemp CBD tincture is a perfect starter tincture for those ready to begin their CBD journey. Simply place one or more servings of oil under the tongue, wait at least thirty seconds for the cannabinoids to absorb, and then swallow. Wright & Well’s oil is light and clear, with good taste and consistency.

Extra Strength Hemp CBD Tincture

Wright & Well’s Extra Strength CBD hemp tincture is formulated for those looking for a more highly concentrated product. The Extra Strength tincture contains 22 mg per serving, with around 50 servings per bottle.

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