Edited to add: Giveaway closed and winners are being notified! Thank you everyone for participating!

The Stoner Mom’s 2019
420 Giveaway!

It’s that time of year again, when stoners across the globe celebrate the cannabis plant and the culture that surrounds it. Since this blog started I’ve joined in the annual festivities by hosting a giveaway, and this year I’ve got some really special prizes up for grabs!

First off, I’m sending my huge thanks to this year’s brand partners atΒ dankgeek.com, vaporizerchief.com, Vivant, Sensi Luxury Vapes, and Ghost Vapes. They’ve generously offered up some fantastic prizes that I think you guys are going to love! Scroll on for entry details, and be sure to join me for a quick stoner sesh video below for a closer look at all of this year’s prizes.

One Grand Prize: MV1 by Ghost Vapes

The highly acclaimed MV1 by Ghost Vapes has been featured in Forbes and is one of The Vape Critic’s highest rated top choices. I’ve been using mine for a couple weeks now and compare it to the legendary Mighty in terms of vapor production and quality. Plus, look at it! It’s gorgeous! A medical grade device for both dry herb and concentrates, the MV1 is an incredible vaporizer representing the very latest in design & technology.

To enter to win our grand prize MV1 vaporizer by Ghost Vapes, register at the link at the bottom of this post and follow @ghostvapesofficial on Instagram.

Four More Prizes!

But wait, there’s more! Check out these next prizes and be sure to enter for a chance to win at the bottom of this post!

Coconut and Bamboo Bong from DankGeek.com

Dankgeek.com is sending a brand new handmade bong to one lucky Stoner Mom follower! This beautiful bong features a coconut base, bamboo neck, and rope accents. Watch the sesh video above to see it in action! It has great function and is light yet sturdy. And, no glass means it’s the perfect bong for an accident prone stoner.

Sensi Luxury Vapes Matte Black Pod

A new addition to Sensi’s luxurious vaporizer line, the Pod is meant for oil extracts and liquids. It’s tiny and discreet and easily fits in a jean or shirt pocket, perfect for those on the go. You can use this with CBD vape oil, or with cannabis oil if you live in a legal state.


Boundless CF710 from VaporizerChief.com

Huge thanks to VaporizerChief.com for giving away a Boundless CF710 Vape pen! Use this pen for vaping wax, rosin, shatter or other concentrates. You get the dabbing experience without the hassle of torches or butane.

Dabox Pro by Vivant

The Dabox Pro is the big brother of the Dabox, a box mod style vaporizer for concentrates like wax, shatter, buddah and rosin. I reviewed the original Dabox here, and I really like it! The Dabox Pro is bigger and has added water filtration to make the dabbing experience even better. I love mine!

How to Enter The Stoner Mom’s 420 Giveaway

Entering the giveaway is super easy! For a chance at one of our four general prizes, simply register at the link below. To enter for the grand prize MV1 Ghost Vape, use the link below and be sure to include your IG handle and follow @ghostvapesofficial on Instagram.

Giveaway Closed!
Thank you everyone for participating!

The following winners have been notified:

Grand Prize winner of the MV1 by Ghost Vapes: Congratulations Samantha!
Sensi Luxury Mod winner: Congrats HighTreeTops!
Boundless CF 710 c/o VaporizerChief.com winner: Congrats Rasatta!
Dabox Pro winner: Congratulations Britney Nicole!
Coconut Bong c/o dankgeek.com: Congrats to Marie!


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  1. That Ghost vape is amazing, and the Dabox pro looks like a powerhouse…. So many pretty, shiny, new things!

  2. jennifer zaragoza

    Yay..Thanks for hosting the giveaway..and for just being awesome in general πŸ˜‰