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Absolute Nature CBD

Today I’m taking a look at the CBD brand Absolute Nature. This award-winning brand offers CBD and CBG oils, gummies, capsules, and topicals, as well as premium hemp flower and CBD for pets. Absolute Nature’s mission is to provide the best all-natural, unadulterated whole-plant full-spectrum CBD products. All products are third-party tested, with COA’s readily available on their website.

Absolute Nature donates a portion of every order to charities like One Tree Planted, The Semper Fi Fund, and the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Additionally, Absolute Nature has an impressive assistance program, offering 60% off lifelong discounts for veterans, those on long-term disability, those in low-income households, first responders, and those on the Autism spectrum.

Read on for more of my thoughts on this highly rated CBD brand!

Key Highlights:

  • Large product catalog of oils, gummies, and hemp flower
  • CBD assistance program
  • Third-party lab results

CBD Products Available

Origin of Hemp

Absolute Nature sources its hemp from small-batch hemp farms around the country. They currently feature strains from Colorado and Oregon. Learn about their entire vetting process of hemp growers here.

Our smokable hemp flowers come from fully licensed specialist small batch hemp flower growers, who provide us with open access to their farms — spend considerable time to forge relationships with us, to better understand their growing practices, their ethics and their standards align with ours. –

Online Lab Results

Third-party lab results are available for every product on the individual product page as well as here

Assistance Programs

Absolute Nature’s assistance program offers a 60% off lifelong discount for those who qualify. Read more here.

We feel everyone has the right of access to such products, at affordable rates, backed by safety and quality. Cost shouldn’t be prohibitive of quality or access. As part of our ethos is to help everyday people, putting ethics before money, Absolute Nature is happy to offer a CBD assistance discount program to help individuals obtain access to our products. –

Absolute Nature Products I’ve Tried

Hempress 3 CBD Hemp Flower

Absolute Nature has high standards for the hemp growers and flower that they work with and carry. You can read about their entire process of vetting hemp farms here.

A side note: I am really impressed with how informative Absolute Nature’s website is. Their hemp flower page explains everything from how they choose growers, to the ins and outs of different growing techniques. Their informative pages are a great resource for shoppers who are looking for more details to help them choose what products are right for them.

Hempress 3 is a Colorado-grown hemp flower with beautiful fragrant buds and a soothing effect. This strain is delicious and contains 13.9% of CBD on top of other terpenes and cannabinoids that make this is a great choice for daytime relaxation. Hempress 3 is high in terpenes like Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Humulene. It makes me feel relaxed but focused, without feeling sedated or high. You can see it in action in this episode of Coffee Talk.

CBG:CBD Gummies

These gummies are a delicious blend of full-spectrum CBG and CBD. They are available in strawberry or juicy watermelon and both are delicious with their light sprinkling of sugar. These gummies are just the right texture, firm and chewy.

Absolute Nature’s CBG:CBD gummies source their compounds from two plants, one high in CBD and another high in CBG. Each full-spectrum gummy contains 15 mg of CBD and 15 mg of CBG. They taste fantastic and I love that they come in glass bottles, a rarity in CBD gummies!


Absolute Nature’s CBD + CBG Oil Drops are a 1:1 blend of two popular cannabinoids CBD and CBG. CBG is known for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as a host of other potential benefits. Read more about CBG in this blog post by Absolute Nature: CBG Benefits: The Science Behind Cannabigerol (CBG).

This oil has a light and pleasant consistency that is easy to take sublingually. Place your desired amount under the tongue and let absorb for thirty seconds or more before swallowing.

This is a very effective blend that is great for relaxation and getting your daily dose of cannabinoids. I like to use CBG products in the evening as they tend to make me so relaxed I feel a little sleepy. 

Absolute Nature

There is a lot to like about this brand! Absolute Nature features responsible packaging, an admirable assistance program, and gives back to the community with each purchase made. Add in their large catalog of whole-plant, full-spectrum products, and you’ve got a CBD brand that’s easy to recommend. Learn more and check out everything Absolute Nature has to offer at


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