The Broken ManBrothers and sisters, religious dissension, and broken men confronting their imperfections. The Broken Man was a slower paced episode meant to lay down some major foundation for the next couple episodes. We see Blackfish put Kingslayer in his place, Kingslayer put Dumb and Dumber Frey in their place, and The Lady of Bear Island put everyone in their place. Also, Olenna and Cerci showdown,”Arya” seeming to forget everything she’s ever learned about being a sneaky ninja assassin, and lesbianism tit-licking. Get your enchanted weed out and load up the dragon bong its GAME OF STONED TIME!


The return of The Hound takes up considerable screen time in this episode. We learn about where he’s been, how he’s survived, and what pushed him to keep going (hint, it’s not his undying love for Sansa).

In King Landing Margaery seems to be a full fledged nut job who loves the lord(s) and loves drawing flowers. What’s that High Sparrow? Margaery isn’t fucking the baby King enough? That’s not awkward at all.

Meanwhile in the north, Jon and Sansa meet with various houses to attempt to cobble together an army that consists of more than wildlings. We meet Lyanna Mormont, the scariest ten-year-old we’ve ever seen. The Lannister kids should have taken notes from this chick.

Lastly, in a shocking scene, “Arya” prepares for her homecoming in Westeros by making a big show about where she is and what she’s up to. That should turn out okay.

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