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Coffee Talk 30 | Summer Stoner Sesh!

Looking for a sesh buddy to beat the heat with? How about me? Today’s video was meant to be uploaded in June but the month flew by, so please enjoy this late edition of Coffee Talk, my monthly wake and bake series. In Coffee Talk, I get high with you and share life updates, stoner gear, and whatever else pops into my stoned brain!

Today I’m seshing in my favorite outdoor stoner spot with some summer-themed bongs including a brand new pineapple rig from Empire Glassworks. Please join me and let’s de-stress and talk about glass, summer, and enjoying cannabis outside.

Coffee Talk Notes | Gear featured in this episode

Pineapple Paradise Mini Rig by Empire Glassworks

Glass icon Empire Glassworks was kind enough to send me some incredible pieces to use and I have been over the moon about it! I have been drooling over their work for years, and already had a small collection with a Pokemon chillum and my beloved Dragon bong that I smoked exclusively while binging Game of Thrones. All of their work is exquisite, featuring thick glass, artistic design, and staggering attention to detail.  Ever since I started this website SIX YEARS AGO, I’ve wanted one of their summer-drink inspired pieces, so you can imagine how great it feels to finally have one! My pineapple paradise mini rig is my favorite weekend piece this summer, always accompanying me on outdoor seshes on the front porch or back deck. 
You can learn more about Empire Glassworks at their main site, and shop their catalog at their retail site

Other Gear used in this Video

GPen Connect – this is the primary way I use concentrates.
Narwal Roach Clip from Empire Glassworks

Thanks for watching and hopefully seshing with me! I appreciate the company and hope you enjoyed the ramblings. If you have questions or topics you’d like me to expand on in a future Coffee Talk, leave them in the comments below. Love you guys! Stay safe and responsible out there!



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  1. I’m so behind on your videos! This was lovely to vape along to. Now, onto the important stuff: It’s obviously Daddy David’s Dank Den.