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Coffee Talk 40 | Anniversary Week Wake and Bake

Happy Monday friends and welcome to another edition of Coffee Talk! Today I’m waking and baking with some CBD hemp and homegrown cannabis, and preparing for a quiet week and a day of deep cleaning. I also do a lot of reflecting on my anniversary with my beloved husband and talk about a few of the ways cannabis has played a part in our relationship.

It’s time for cannabis, coffee, and conversation. Grab your bong and let’s sesh!

Coffee Talk Notes

Green Unicorn Farms

How gorgeous are these hemp buds from Green Unicorn Farms? Today’s video is sponsored by Green Unicorn Farms, a wonderful source of smokeable hemp flower and CBD tinctures. Green Unicorn is committed to providing high-quality, cannabinoid-rich hemp buds in a variety of strains. Smoking and vaping hemp flower provide the many benefits of the cannabis plant without high levels of THC. All products from Green Unicorn Farms contain less than .3% THC and of course, hemp is federally legal in the USA.

I love using hemp during my wake and bake sessions, to ease my mind and body into the day with plenty of cannabinoids and mental clarity. In this session, I mix up a blend of Green Unicorn’s Lifter strain and some homegrown cannabis. Green Unicorn’s Lifter buds are very impressive; well-sized and with lots of visible trichomes. It has a delicious aroma and flavor and smokes up smoothly. A fantastic mood-lifter and highly recommended! I also sample a bit of their Paradise OG preroll and was really impressed with that as well.

Green Unicorn Farms has a large catalog of strains with their third-party lab results easily accessible on the website. See everything they have to offer at, and big thanks to them for supporting The Stoner Mom Show!

Astra Chamber Grinder

Another successful session with my trusty Astra Chamber grinder! The Astra Chamber is a powerful tool with a perfect, medium-sized grind. It makes quick work of my stickiest buds and has a kief catcher for taking advantage of those cannabinoid-rich crystals. My favorite feature of this grinder is its built-in storage compartment that is the perfect size for a generous amount of flower. I love having my grinder and buds together in one spot, saving me one more step as well as valuable space in my stash.

The Astra Chamber is built to shred cannabis, so it will come with no surprise that it is butter smooth at shredding. Consistent and excellent, every time.  –

Made of durable heavy-duty aluminum and with a lifetime warranty, the AstraChamber is a grinder built to last. They are available in black or blue at Be sure to snag one while supplies last, and huge thanks to AstraChamber for sponsoring this sesh video!


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  1. Happy Anniversary David and Kathryn!

    Thank you for the shout out! Haha! Weed smoke is so hard to do tricks with! I feel like it’s very potent and that makes it hard not to choke while you try to execute tricks! I like to ghost and French inhale, Haha!

    Another wonderful session! That spray tan strain is on my wish list!