In this week’s episode of What’s Going on in Dave’s Grow? we put in a SCROG. I will show you my SCROG and tell you a little bit about how I made it and how it works. And I have a surprise guest.

What’s Going on in Dave’s Grow? – Let’s Make A SCROG

The good old SCROG. But what is a SCROG? Do I need one as a grower?

The short answer is… no you don’t. But there are several advantages to having one and I am going to explain it for you. First off, SCROG stands for Screen Of Green and its named that because you use a screen to create a beautiful square canopy of cannabis (which is green).

Essentially, it’s a net of sorts. A wide net in the shape of a square. The sections in the net are about 4″ x 4″. The net is strung up on the inside of your tent above your plants. As your plants grow up to meet the net, the idea is to bend the plant under the net to the next square forcing the plant to grow outwards instead of upwards. You keep doing this until your plant has filled up the entire “screen”. You are making a nice wide canopy and allowing more light to penetrate your plant’s canopy and create even more bud sites.

The great thing about scrogging is you can grow a lot more with a lot less. I have even seen people scrog just one plant in a grow tent and yield a pound at harvest time! But when is the right time to install your scrog? You put that scrog in right after you have completed your first defoliation and flipped your plants from veg to flower. After about a week, your plant’s leaves will have recovered from the defoliation and will be ready for your scrog set up.

Now, a lot of people create their own scrog because… well the perfect scrog solution does not exist to be honest. The most common solution is to purchase a trellis from your grow shop (which is a net). You attach it to the 4 corners of your tent and then here is where the DIY comes in to play. The net needs support and if you just attach it to the corners, the plant will just plow right through that thing. Many people support the scrog with bamboo rods on the sides as well. You will have to figure out how you want to attach the bamboo to the sides, I use duct tape on the corners.

A lot of people make their own scrog setups. I did that as well with PVC pipe. I then drilled holes along the inside of the PVC square and put eyelet screws in the holes. I then ran string through the holes (thicker nylon string) and there it is. However, the PVC will eventually become brittle because of the LED lights so you can wrap the PVC with white or reflective tape to protect it.

So that’s it! I hope you like this episode and I encourage you to try out your own scrog. It really hones your gardening skills and forces you to spend more time checking on your plant’s progress. If you have any questions about the SCROG, contact me at Check out my instagram for the grow’s progress @COWeedGrower.

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