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Skunk Bags Review | 100% smell proof, lockable, and padded stash bags and cases

The other day I was invited to a stoner friendly brunch and I was so excited to bust out my brand new bong bag! I packed my very favorite bong into a 16” duffle tube bag from Skunk Bags, tucked in plenty of cannabis, locked it up, and hopped in the car knowing I didn’t look like a college kid transporting a bong in a cardboard box. I tell you guys, the modern cannabis world is growing up. I like it.

Skunk bags are a recent find for me, and I’ve become so enamored with them that I featured several of them in this year’s holiday gift guide. Vatra is their sister line offering storage solutions for vapes, glass and stashes, owned by the same people, and between the two brands there is a storage solution for everyone.

In this post I’ll share a few different bags and cases from both Skunk and Vatra, and I’ll show you the many features that make these bags and cases stand out from the pack. There’s also a video review so you can check them out in action. Enjoy!


Skunk Bags
My favorite, the 16” duffle tube, perfect for my very favorite bongs.

Skunk Bags

Patented Odor Control | no one will have a clue what’s in there

Skunk Bags worked on their patented odor technology for three years to perfect it. Activated carbon traps odor molecules and retains them for 6-9 months. After which, carbons are released and reactivated by throwing in the dryer or applying heat to the bag with a hair dryer. Many brands boast an odorless product but Skunk has really worked to achieve it without adding inserts that take up space needing to be replaced over time.



Combination Locks with snap-in-place zippers | safe from curious eyes

Skunk Bags


Stoner parents need to be extra cautious and careful with their supplies. Life with kids is full of challenges, and your stash supply should not be one of them. I love that many Skunk bags have built-in combination locks, keeping your glass valuables and medication accessories safe from prying hands and curious eyes.

10” Duffle Tube for your smaller pieces.

Skunk Bags

Skunk Bags

The Sidekick | a perfect companion

skunk bag review

The Sidekick is the perfect size to hold your daily stash, with ample space for a grinder, pipe, papers and other accessories.

skunk bag review

GoCase | purse and pocket sized discretion

skunk bag review

skunk bag review

Vatra DDK | heavy duty protection with a hard shell exterior

I love this case but didn’t realize until photographing it that its zipper lined up just right for adding a lock! Bonus!

vatra ddk

I’ve been using my DDK case for my portable dab setup. It has several features that make it perfect for delicate glass pieces. The hard exterior keeps items from being crushed, perfect for the on-the -go enthusiast. The interior is separated into specialized compartments with the middle level acting as a barrier with double zip-up closure.

The top level features velcro-backed neoprene pouches and pockets that stretch for custom fit and keep items in place. Dabbers, lighters, carb caps, concentrates and more are all

The bottom section has two removable foam layers, one of which is die-cut so you can customize your interior to mold specifically around your favorite pieces. This keeps your items from smacking into each other when the case is moved around.

Lock n’ Load | long term storage for glass pieces of every size


The Lock n’ Load series by Vatra is the best solution for valuable glass storage. Have a water pipe precious enough to lock away safe and secure? This is the line for you! The larger cases can hold several pipes, dab rigs, bowls and even bongs, with the same die-cut foam for customizing the perfect bong case. The smaller cases are great for making your own custom vape case, and, they are all lockable and smell proof!


skunk bag review

skunk bag review


skunk bag review
My small Lock n’ Load case is perfect for storing my beloved Pokeflute chillum



100% Smell Proof Travel Solutions

Skunk’s catalog is extensive, and they have several large pieces for serious smell-proof and secure travel. The Urban Backpack is my favorite of the larger bags and can hold so much, including my laptop. It’s smell proof, made with water resistant material, has a waterproof zipper and a hidden combination lock.

When my husband David and I first met he was storing his bong in a cardboard box in the closet. What a relief that the industry has grown so much to include companies like Skunk, making amazing products for responsible cannabis users. No more cardboard boxes for us! Check out Skunk bags and Vatra’s huge collection and add some sophistication to your stash.



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