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Hi internet! I’m happy to be here on the blog again! Things have slowed down significantly here at casa de la stoner, meaning I can get back to writing, cleaning my house, finishing the kitchen, and updating the blog more often. Yay! 

So, I shot this video on one of my two Monday’s a month that is totally childfree. These days are equal parts work and play. It’s a weird juxtaposition, the concept of an intense work period and the need to get stoned to do so.

Can we talk about that!? I mean, if you are really serious about using your stoner identity as a part of your “brand”, you better be able to be productive while stoned. Otherwise? Your brand will dissolve into the hobby of you getting high and not doing whatever it was that you were supposed to do.

So I guess that’s what I wanted to show in this video. The absurdity of my situation, and how much I love it. I’m actually attempting, as an adult, to parlay being a stoner into being a business. The goofiness is not lost on me, and yet I know there is value here. It’s valuable because we don’t take ourselves to seriously as stoners, and it’s really easy to be transparent and lovable and yes, influential, when you’re stoned and laid back.

Anyway, I smoke a lot of weed in this video, so much so that I felt compelled to record pre-roll (not the kind you smoke) where I explained why I was using so much cannabis that day. I found myself concerned that some would assume I consumed this much weed on days when I have child duties, and I truthfully do not. It may be “a lot” to some, but it’s not at Day Off levels.

I try very hard to keep my cannabis use balanced and tailored to the needs of that day. And the needs of the day are always changing. That’s a part of being a parent, the ability to be adaptable. So, on the days where the needs of the children are almost none, ie they are with their father and stepmom, those are days I should feel very relaxed about getting stoned as much as I choose.

Our amount or frequency of cannabis use should very much be our business and ours alone. As responsible parents, we know how to balance the needs and the wants, the risks and rewards. I’m trying to demonstrate the fluidity of medicating with cannabis. You use it when you choose. Nothing more, nothing less.

Anyway, again, it feels really good to just be free styling here. I missed you blog.

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