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Dynavap Sesh | playing with a battery-free vaporizer

Greetings stoner friends! Today I’m giving you a closer look at the battery-free vaporizer by DynaVap, the Vapcap. This handy little device has a cult-like following amongst stoners and I’ve been lucky enough to play with a few different models for several months now. Featured on my 2019 holiday gift guide, the VapCap is a standout vaporizer for terpene enthusiasts, vapor purists, and stoner gearheads looking for a highly customizable experience.

Join me in the video below for a laid-back stoner session with the VapCap, and read on for more details on this battery-free, smoke-free, consumption method!


Meet the VapCap

DynaVap’s flagship is the VapCap, a pen-sized device that uses a unique method to produce thick, flavorful vapor, packed full of cannabinoids and terpenes. Designed for vaping dry herb but compatible with concentrates, these pocket-sized devices are meticulously engineered for unrivaled vapor quality in seconds, no battery needed.

DynaVap’s lineup of vaporizers are crafted to deliver the best flavors and aromas through sleek mechanical designs, unrivaled airflow, and industry-leading battery-free technology.

The VapCap is available in an assortment of styles and finishes. Components are available in high-grade materials like stainless steel, titanium, wood, and even 24K gold, so there is a vaporizer for every aesthetic. All styles have the same innovative build, featuring a stem (midsection), condenser, mouthpiece, and a tip and cap. And, each piece is available individually on the DynaVap website, so consumers can build the custom vape of their dreams, to their own unique specifications.

DynaVap was kind enough to send me the Hydrovong-XLS in dark wood, a titanium XL Omnivap, and the M in stainless steel. See them in action in the video above!

Additionally, DynaVap offers accessories that open up even more functionality. Check out their low-temperature cap for lower vape temperatures, and the DynaCoil for vaporizing concentrates. And, for the lovers of luxury out there, DynaVap’s line of high-end components are made from precious metals like silver and gold.

Using the VapCap

There’s a bit of a learning curve to using the VapCap. It is certainly unlike any other vaporizer out there. The VapCap is heated with a torch lighter to achieve vaporization. This takes mere seconds, as the VapCap reaches the correct temperature within 6 seconds or less. Once at the right temperature, you will hear the VapCap’s signature “click” sound. When you hear that sound your device is ready to go!

Place the VapCap mouthpiece on your lips and draw gently, building up vapor the whole time. There is an airport that works a little like an advanced carb, allowing the user to restrict air and build up vapor to their personal taste. Once the VapCap has cooled you will hear another “click”, indicating that you can now reheat your device for another round.

What I Love about the Dynavap VapCap

Using a DynaVap vaporizer is unlike any other vaporizer available. Its unique concept delivers the most combustion-like feel I’ve ever experienced with a vaporizer, all without any smoke or battery. The vapor production and quality are top-notch, and I find it to be one of the most effective vaporizers for providing the on-demand relief I require from cannabis. I love that there is no need to charge anything, and no heat-up time while I wait for my herb to reach the right temperature. I simply load the VapCap, heat for five seconds, and I’ve got thick, terpene and cannabinoid-rich vapor.

Despite the higher learning curve required to master the VapCap, this device has a simple and organic feel that is intuitive for those used to traditional combustion. It only took a few draws for me to figure out what I was doing, and you get used to the technique as you use it.

Complete DynaVap Kits

DynaVap offers several complete starter kits with everything you need to get the most out of your vaporizer. In addition to the VapCap of your choice, complete DynaVap kits Include things like a DynaStash for storing your vaporizer, a butane torch, tools for maintaining the VapCap, even a DynaCoil for concentrates. The “M” starter kit is my recommended starting point for anyone ready to try DynaVap’s unique product. Pick up the whole kit for $120, which includes the M VapCap shown in this post. Or grab an M starter kit with a DynaCoil for $135, so you can use both concentrates and dry flower with your VapCap.

Another product of note is the Maker’s Kit. This kit includes a woodblock and all the tools needed to carve and craft your own one-of-a-kind stem in either light or dark wood. What a great gift idea!

Dynavap has created a truly unique product that stands alone in a crowded industry. Perfect for cannabis connoisseurs who value flavor and purity, the VapCap system is an impressive tool for producing vapor that’s unmatched by standard vaporizers. No batteries, no smoke, no cables or cords. Just pure vapor within five seconds. Learn more about DynaVap’s unique products and accessories at


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  1. I ordered one!! I have been wanting one so bad. I still haven’t found the vape for flower that I’m in love with. I hope this is it. I want to taste the terpenes. Thanks for the review..cause that is what sold me.