420 has long been associated with cannabis, the question is, why? In episode 19 we break down the origins of 420, a pretty classic stoner story that stoners should know. In our second segment we share “stoner stories”. You know the types. Flea markets, edibles, and river squatters. Also, we play “Never have I”, a drinking/bong rip game that The Stoner Mom clearly doesn’t understand. And as always we wrap up with an update on our personal home grow. 

420: confounding grownups for decades

Hiya friends! Episode 19 of Mom and Dad are Stoned is a pretty funny one, I gotta say. Opening with a long drawn out discussion of the season 6 Game of Thrones premier! Man, I hope at least some of you love GOT, cause I have a feeling David and I will be blabbing A LOT about it this season. It’s just so good.

Anyway, aside from Game of Thrones we discuss the origins of 420, that mystical number that acts as a code for fellow stoners. The origin story of 420 is pretty funny, and involves a group of teenager boys on a hunt for a fabled patch of cannabis somewhere in Point Reyes. 420 was their code, and through connections in that area of Marin County, they were uniquely qualified to spread the term. Just listen to the podcast.

In our second segment we trade stoner stories of yore. That time I coughed up a hot dog after consuming hash. His various quasi-fights while stoned. Oh, and human feces. Gotta have that somewhere.

We also play “Never Have I” which is a drinking game that consists of fibbing and strategy. I didn’t drink of course, but opted for bong rips instead. This explains why I’m so incoherent by the end of this episode!

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