It’s Here! The Stoner Mom Essentials by Sensi-Box

Hi friends! I have partnered with stoner subscription company Sensi-Box and have pulled together a collection of awesome products, perfect for cannabis newbies and connoisseurs alike.

Sensi-Box is the perfect company to do this with, and one I hope you support in the future. A small, woman-run business, Sensi-Box sends out monthly subscription boxes tailored for the sophisticated cannabis user. I couldn’t ask for a better company to make this one-time Stoner Mom box happen, and they literally did all of the work after I pulled together a list of items.

I have really enjoyed this particular project, and have decided that this is only the beginning of Stoner Mom branded boxes. I have several themes I would love to explore with you guys, like a box geared specifically for cannabis flower users, an affordable box for a complete newbie, and a box especially about stealth and odor control.

For now, however, I’ve tried to address as many modern-day stoner issues in one purchase. This is truly a box for every kind of cannabis user and is packed with luxuries that will make their way into your everyday stoner routine.

How it Works

This 2017 Stoner Mom Essentials Box is a one-time purchase. There is no subscription. It is suitable for gifting as is, just slap a bow on it and watch mom lose her mind this holiday.

Presale opens November 1, 2017. Order your box during November presale and receive FREE SHIPPING. Free shipping ends when presale closes and boxes are limited! Take advantage of this deal and order this dream box now! It will arrive just in time for the holidays and all of the celebratory stoner sessions that make up the season.

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What’s In The Box?

Keep scrolling down for the complete list of products, descriptions, and pictures, or, check out my unboxing video:



  1. Erbanna Rae Vape Case
    (pattern may differ)
  2. Erbanna Aztec Pipe Bag
  3. GoldLeaf Patient Journal
  4. No Goo Silicone Dab Keeper
  5. The D’ash Bowl
  6. Bee Line Thick Hemp Wick
  7. Cannasmack Lip Balm
  8. Phoenician Kasher Lighter Tool with Lighter
  9. Phoenician Small 4-Piece Grinder
  10. CBD for Life Hand & Body Massage Lotion
  11. King Palm Hand Rolled Leaf
  12. High Hemp Organic Wraps
  13. Grav Labs 4″ Frosted Spoon
  14. Source Orb 4 Vaporizer

The Essentials | In Detail

The Stoner Mom Essentials
(pictured) Source Orb, Erbanna case, and D’ash bowl.
The Stoner Mom Essentials
Everything you need for a productive stoner session (minus the cannabis and laptop of course).
The Stoner Mom Essentials
Cannasmack lip balm and CBD for Life body lotion, it’s practically a spa day for the stoner mom.
The Stoner Mom Essentials
The Goldleaf Patient Journal, one of my favorite products and companies. Pictured with High Hemp Organic CBD Wraps, King Palms, D’ash Bowl and Phoenician lighter tool.
The Stoner Mom Essentials
A beautifully frosted spoon from the glass giant GravLabs, plus two Erbanna cases for your stoner accessories. Also pictured is the unmatched SourceOrb 4 with six included atomizers, and a NoGoo container for your favorite concentrates.

To learn more about any of the products or companies featured in this collection, check out the links below:

SourceOrb | Sourcevapes
My preferred portable vaporizer for all forms of concentrates. I’ve been using Sourcevapes vaporizers for a few years now and they simply blow me away. Powerful, stealthy, easy to use, generous extras, a variety of atomizers.

D’ash Bowl | The Smoking Lion
A genius product for the safety-obsessed. My D’ash Bowls are the only ashtrays or dab pads I use.

Rae Vape Case & Aztec Pipe Bag | Erbanna
Smell proof stash bags for the stylishly organized stoner.

Patient Journal | Goldleaf
The beautiful patient journal from Goldleaf is my favorite find this year. Document your cannabis use and gain deep insight on your medication. I featured this exact journal in this post: How to Keep a Cannabis Strain Journal.

Hemp wick | BeeLine Thick Wick
All hemp wicks are cool, but Beeline thick wick is better.

Grinder and Lighter | Phoenician Grinder
My favorite medical grade grinder, in a perfect pink shade.

High Hemp Organic  CBD Wraps | High Hemp
My favorite papers for rolling flawless, delicious, and medicated blunts.

King Palm Wraps
Because they make me feel like an island princess. Beautiful, hand-rolled palm leaves. Goof proof, no rolling skill needed.

Hemp infused lip balm | Cannasmack
Keep your lips hydrated! Every stoner should have some sort of lip moisturizer on hand. Cannasmack is my go to.

Massage and body lotion | CBD for Life
Relieve stress and tension with this lux CBD infused lotion.

Frosted spoon pipe | Gravlabs
Gravlabs is one of those big names in glass. Start your collection or round out an existing one with a 4” frosted pipe. It will become a sesh regular!

Nogoo silicone dab case | Nogoo Nonstick
A small concentrate case that will fit nicely in the Erbanna vape case along with your new SourceOrb! Silicone is great for storing concentrates of all types and consistency.


The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.


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