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It’s Friday! Let’s Sesh!

Who’s ready for a very stoney Friday Night Sesh? Tonight I’m dabbing, and wow are these dabs… effective. Come join me while I break in a new rig and demonstrate dabbing with slurpers and terp pearls, and get quite high while doing so. I also, of course, catch you up on all things stoner mom! So, if you’re ready for a sesh and need a companion, go grab your bong and hit play on the video above. Let’s sesh!

Friday Night Sesh Notes | gear and goodies mentioned in this video

Aorta Concentrate Recycler by Red Eye Tek

Tonight I’m using a beautiful new piece from Red Eye Tek. The Aorta Concentrate Recycler stands at 8.5 inches tall and features a matrix percolator and clear, polished joints. Red Eye Tek’s unique pieces are made out of borosilicate glass and come in a range of futuristic iridescent finishes. This proprietary metallic-like finish reflects colors beautifully and gives a subtle color-changing impression to these dazzling pieces. And I love how Red Eye Tek pays attention to the details, with comfortable mouthpieces and signature diamond pullouts.

Thanks to Red Eye Tek for sponsoring tonight’s sesh! Check out their entire gorgeous collection of tubes, hexagonal bongs, and more, over at

On Point Smoke Dabbing Essentials

This Friday Night Sesh was also sponsored by On Point Smoke Shop, one of my favorite online shops for premium dabbing accessories.

Slurpers and Terp Pearls

In tonight’s video, I shared my latest obsession with slurpers, blenders, and terp pearls. These specialized tools enhance your dab experience by allowing greater temperature control, increasing the surface area of your nail, and providing stunning visuals. On Point Smoke has an impressive collection of slurpers and pearl sets. Find terp pearls in a variety of shapes, colors, and designs, as well as blenders and slurpers featuring unique artwork.

The Dab Rite Digital Infrared Thermometer

My favorite dabbing thermometer! The Dab Rite is the best digital thermometer that I have used. Equipped with a flexible arm, the Dab Rite allows you to check the temperature of your banger, no matter how tall or short your rig is. Simply set your desired temperature, torch your rig, and check the temperature with The Dab Rite. It will tell you when your banger is too hot and alert you when the desired temperature is reached.


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  1. jennifer zaragoza

    Sorry i watched further and when you suck extra hard it is functioning still add a little more water though lol LOVE you and Blavid 😉

  2. jennifer zaragoza

    You need to put ALOT more water in your rig to get it to function properly.Because it is a recycler its made so the water when it bubbles goes into the top chamber (the ball part)and then itll all cycle back down the side tube which will make for a smoother dab hit 😉

  3. Illegalstonermom

    I loved this sesh. Thankyou. Love you, too!!

  4. Jody Anglebrandt

    Oh my God.. I literally just said “ I love you too” at the end of your video😂 I hope you are having a wonderful November as well. Super excited for the gift guide! I shop it every year💚