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It’s Friday! Let’s Sesh!

Happy Friday friends! Tonight we’re experimenting with some interesting hemp-derived products that had me feeling all kinds of ways. In addition to my usual homegrown cannabis, in this session I’m enjoying potent full-spectrum caramels, as well as trying out delta 10, the newest legal cannabinoid to hit the market.

We’ve successfully made it through the first week of school, so I am more than ready to relax by seshing with you guys! If you’re feeling similar, go grab your stoner stash, and let’s sesh!

Friday Night Sesh Notes | gear and goodies mentioned in this video

Full Spectrum Hemp Caramels by Dimer CBD

Tonight’s session is sponsored and enhanced by Dimer CBD. Dimer’s infused salted caramels are truly something special. In all my years of reviewing CBD edibles, I’ve never seen one with so much CBD in every single piece! And on top of that, every Dimer caramel is packed with other cannabinoids, bringing on the entourage effect for a truly potent experience. I love, love, love the way these make me feel. They are perfect for relaxing and also can be a great sleep aid. I find these to be very strong, so if you’re new to CBD, plan on being quite affected, in a really good way.

They have a pretty strong hemp taste but that is really to be expected from such a potent full-spectrum product. Each Dimer caramel contains a whopping 75 mg of CBD, 6 mg of THC, 1 mg of CBG, and 5 mg of CBC. Dimer caramels are federally legal and compliant with the regulations outlined in the 2018 Farm Bill. This Tennessee product is available in several stores throughout the South East, as well as is shippable to 49 states (sorry Idaho). Pick some up at

Delta 10 THC by Delta Effex

This Friday Night Sesh is also sponsored by Delta Effex and features my first foray into using a delta 10 tincture. In this sesh, I used a full dropper of their Vibin’ Premium Delta 10 THC tincture, and I could definitely feel the effects. I paired it with their Wedding Cake Delta 10 Vape pen, and both had me feeling giddy yet extremely relaxed. I find this to be a somewhat intoxicating product, pretty rare for me with my higher tolerance, so definitely start small and use caution when using any cannabinoid for the first time.

Delta Effex carries a variety of extracted cannabinoid products, including Delta-8, all hemp-derived and available online. Their Euphorica Collection features their Delta-10 products, the first company I’ve come across offering this. Both products I’ve tried taste fantastic, including the tincture, and are definitely worth trying if you’re looking to explore more exotic cannabinoids. Check out Delta Effex and their unique products at


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  1. Illegalstonermom

    Another edible product i want to try!! I’m into caramels right now!💚💨🌟

  2. Great review! I did watch the Woodstock 99′ documentary. Korn was cool, but Limp Bizkit and The Red Hot Chili Peppers were reckless at that concert. I found it interesting that you mixed all these cannabinoids together.