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It’s Friday! Let’s Sesh!

Happy Friday stoner friends! It is time to unwind and decompress from the week with a lot of cannabis for our Friday Night Sesh. In this video I am busting out my brand new vaporizers from the GPen and Cookies collab, and I couldn’t be happier with them! Join me as I enjoy some dabs with the incredible GPen Roam, and some flower with the GPen Dash. I also, of course, smoke some cannabis the good old fashioned way, and I update you guys on what’s new in my life (like my new filming set up!). In need of a smoke buddy? Go grab your bong and let’s sesh!

GPen x Cookies Roam and Dash

In this video I am playing with the GPen x Cookies edition of the Dash and the Roam. The Roam is a portable dab rig with an enclosed water tube for percolated concentrate hits on the go. You guys know how much I love my GPen Connect for dabs, well the Roam is just as good, especially if you want something portable, without a bong or bubbler. I have been keeping the Roam at my desk for quick and easy dabs whenever the mood strikes, and I love how fast it heats up and its wide temperature range.

The Dash is GPen’s tiny dry herb vaporizer that fits in the palm of your hand, heats up fast, and is super easy for newbies to use. We love the Dash so much we started carrying them at Happy Flower Company for our hemp customers! Of course, the one I’m using in this video is from the GPen and Cookies collab, which is why it is blue. The standard GPen Dash is well-priced at $69.95 and is available at along with the entire family of GPen products.

Five Piece AstraChamber Grinder

Today’s sesh was also supported by AstraChamber, my favorite five-piece grinder with a built-in bud storage compartment. These grinders make quick work of your stickiest bud, producing a fine and powdery finish perfect for bongs, vaporizers, and joints!

The AstraChamber grinder is 4.20 inches tall and features a separate kief catcher in addition to the built-in storage area and also comes with a scraper tool and extra rubber rings for a perfect seal between chambers.

Experience the finest kief with our specialized kief screen. Our screen is made extra fine, specially for the Astra Chamber; only allowing the best parts to gather in the chamber below. –

Built from heavy duty aluminum and with a lifetime warranty, the AstraChamber grinder will be in your stoner stash for years to come. Pick one up for $38 at while supplies last!


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  1. I just bought the vaporizer bundle from Happy Flower Company and I am in love with it. While I got to primarily use for THC I enjoy mixing a bit of the hemp into my weed for flavor. Still looking for my right ratio though, oh well, the practice is fun!

  2. Great video! Love the new stoner studio set up and seeing your plants too.