G Pen Elite Portable Vaporizer Review

Grenco Science scores another home run with the G Pen Elite, a user-friendly vaporizer designed for ground herb. With so many portable vaporizers on the market today, the cannabis consumer has a variety of options. If you are looking for a device that is perfect for straight herb, the G Pen Elite is an excellent choice for both price and function.

I’ve talked many times before about how family friendly vaping is. With zero smoke and minimal smell, a discreet portable vaporizer can be used in the home even when children are present. Vaping is also considered healthier than smoking cannabis, and for many, it produces an easier to manage high that doesn’t last quite as long as a bong rip.


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  • One of the largest of all ceramic chambers on the market
  • Incredibly fast heat up
  • 360 heating convection heating on all sides of chamber
  • Full LED screen, sleek and comfortable design
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Complete set comes with everything you need to start vaping (besides the weed)
  • Zero learning curve – fill it up, turn it on, inhale the vapor once the desired temperature is reached.

Using the Elite

To reveal the chamber, remove the mouthpiece by pushing it off the vaporizer on either side.

This chamber is robust and heats evenly, so feel free to pack it full!

The front button turns the device on. Press five times quickly to turn on,  set the desired temperature with the two side buttons, and press the front button one more time to initiate heating. Easy peasy! You can watch the numbers as the temperature goes up. Once the desired temperature is reached you are ready to vape.

As always with vaping, pull slowly. The slower and more relaxed your pull is, the more vapor will be produced.

The Stoner Mom’s Opinion

I really liked the “new vape” taste with this one. Something about this unit just produces a really clean, good taste. Maybe it’s the 360 heating, I don’t know.

What is different about this vaporizer, is the way you draw the vapor out. Rather than sucking vapor through a straw, you are pressing a larger portion of your lips on the mouthpiece and sucking.

The G Pen makes warm vapor. The mouthpiece can feel warm against your lips at times. The G Pen Elite is the only pen I have used thus far that has that “warmer” sense, and it’s quite appealing!

I have found that the G Pen Elite works a little better at lower temperatures, really pulling out the flavor of the flower you are consuming. For instance, Charlotte’s Web has an interesting “peppery” vibe that I hadn’t noticed until I vaped it. It’s always fun to test out the same strains with different consumption methods. A strain you dislike smoking may very well be your favorite one when vaping.



The G Pen Elite in Pictures



The mouthpiece will get gunky. Always take care of your vaporizers and clean them regularly so they stay in optimal form.
The deepest chamber I’ve ever seen on a vape pen.


G Pen Elite Comes With

1 G Pen Elite Vaporizer (For Ground Material)

1 G-Card

1 G Pen Tool

1 USB Charging Cable

1 G Cleaning Brush

1-year warranty

G Pen Elite Specs

Lithium ion battery

Chamber max capacity (aprox ~0.75 grams)

Final Thoughts

Overall the G Pen Elite is an excellent choice for the cannabis user that wants something portable, affordable and fast. It has a good battery life and produces a good amount of vapor. The chamber is deeper than all others on the market that I have seen. I recommend this pen for first-time vape buyers, because it’s affordable, simple, and won’t disappoint.



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