Gelato | a Heavy Hitting Hybrid

Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint GSC

Today I’m reviewing Gelato, a California hybrid boasting high THC and a powerful effect. I have seen this strain in several forms of concentrate, but I’d yet to get my hands on the flower. We exclusively grow our own here and don’t often make it to dispensaries, so my strain selection for reviews is often unique from what is commercially available here in Colorado.

Because of that it’s always pretty exciting for me to experience popular strains from one of Colorado’s many top notch dispensaries. My Gelato is from The Lodge, a sophisticated shop with the vibes of an upscale hipster bar. They carry a huge selection of flower, delicious edibles, potent concentrates, and even topicals and tinctures. The Lodge has two locations in Denver and carries all of the best brands for recreational consumers. And with their selection of glass and stoner essentials, checking out The Lodge is a must for both locals and out-of-state visitors.

Characteristics of Gelato

Bred from Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC, Gelato is pungent and powerful. With a heavy danky aroma that will rub off on your fingers, Gelato is an exceptionally fragrant strain. It features heavy notes of citrus and distinctive earth and sweet musk. Anymore fragrant and your eyes would water when you popped the top off this wildly popular strain.

Gelato cannabis buds from The Lodge dispensary Gelato cannabis bud

The Lodge’s Gelato is exceptional, featuring dense, medium-sized buds of light green and deep purple hues. With a sprinkling of orange pistols and covered in crystal trichomes, Gelato looks as serious as it hits.

Though Gelato’s terpene-heavy buds taste great in a vaporizer (always the healthiest choice), I find its strong musky taste perfect for a smoke sesh with a large bong with plenty of filtration. This is a strain that knocks out the toughest of stoners, so it’s perfect for a longer smoke sesh where you have plenty of time to enjoy its flavors. High in terpenes caryophyllene, linalool, pinene, and limonene, Gelato has a unique flavor that is both earthy and sweet.

The High

Get ready for a major high! With THC well above 20%, Gelato is a very potent flower. I find the effects to settle in right away, within a few minutes of consuming. A Gelato high is powerful in both body and mind and includes deep relaxation, euphoria, creativity, and social ease. I get extremely talkative and social when I use Gelato, which is a huge plus for someone reserved like myself. It’s a perfect strain for a social setting, as everyone who partakes is sure to be effected.

Gelato is powerful, so newbies should be cautious. Stoners with a higher tolerance will love having a strain that can still knock them on their butts. I enjoy using Gelato in the evenings and on the weekends when I’m ready to commit to feeling great for several hours. I find this to be an excellent strain for romantic evenings in, as my anxiety is eliminated and my body sensitivity is heightened. Gelato is definitely a recommended strain for date nights with someone you love.

Though this strain does give me a good burst of energy that can last as long as an hour, I do experience a slight sedating “come down” as its effects wind down. This is typically welcome for evening sessions, but daytime users can combat this with a strong cup of coffee and some sunshine. Staying on your feet is the best way to counteract a heavy high that is threatening your productivity.

As a regular cannabis user it’s nice to have a strain that is still capable of getting me stoned like the good old days. It’s a powerful and balanced hybrid high that effects the body as well as the mind. And despite its high THC content, I personally don’t experience paranoia or anxiety that sometimes accompanies high-THC strains.

Gelato cannabis buds

Medical Effects of Gelato

Gelato has a lot of potential as a medical marijuana strain. It’s a powerful pain reliever and works almost immediately to provide deep relaxation and relief. It also has mood elevating properties that make it an appropriate choice for easing symptoms of anxiety disorders. I currently use this strain for social anxiety, managing daily stress, and for relaxing recreationally.

Gelato is a strain not to be missed! Snatch it up if you ever have the chance, and get ready for a potent high. With instant mood elevating and a heavy dose of euphoria, Gelato is an excellent strain for the experienced stoner looking to be impressed. Those with a lower tolerance should take care to experience Gelato when they’ve got a lot of free time and a safe space to enjoy.


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