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New Glass Stoner Session! | Vitae Glass and Toke Tonic Sesh 

Hello dear friends! Today for your viewing pleasure I’ve got a stoner sesh video with some exciting new gear that I am eager to share with you! Grab your bong and come sesh along with me as I unbox new glass from acclaimed Vitae Glass, as well as terpene-infused bong water from Toke Tonic.

Despite being a newcomer to the glass world,  Vitae Glass is already earning quite a reputation, even being recently featured in Forbes. Their line of modular and customizable bongs is completely unique and gives the consumer a solution for cleaner sessions, tidier storage, and a customized, build-your-own-bong experience.

In addition to unboxing two complete bongs from Vitae Glass, I’m also using Toke Tonic, terpene-infused bong water that increases the affects of THC, reduces side effects like paranoia, and helps to keep your glass clean and bong rips icy cool.

Join me in the sesh video below for a closer look at how Vitae and Toke Tonic can really enhance a stoner session. Trust me, I get extremely stoned by the end of this video, and I think Toke Tonic definitely played a part in getting me there!

Vitae Glass | Build your own Bong

Vitae Glass is a line of beautiful, modular glass pieces that fit together via wooden connection rings to create the customized bong of your dreams. You can visit the Vitae Glass website and choose your base, mouthpiece, connection ring, and any other further percolation pieces. A modular bong like this is excellent for those who like to keep their glass sparkling clean. All pieces come with silicone caps and covers that make cleaning your bong a breeze. Simply disassemble your bong to soak its separate pieces in rubbing alcohol. With Vitae you no longer having to deal with stoner cleaning problems like sinks that are too small, faucets that are too long, or accessing hard-to-reach areas of your bong during cleaning.

Modular pieces like this are also great for storage and travel. A bong that can be separated into smaller pieces is much easier to stash in a travel bag, and Vitae pieces come with durable storage boxes that are perfect for keeping your bong secure when not in use.

Vitae Glass also stands apart from other popular glass brands by making the commitment to plant one tree for every glass piece they sell with a goal of 1 million trees by the year 2025. Their boxes are designed for durability for a reduced amount of bubble wrap during shipping, and they are looking into replacing their plastic components with hemp plastic as soon as the industry is ready.

By the end of the above video I had settled on my favorite configuration of my bases and mouthpieces. I have my Vitae pieces assembled as follows:

Classic Beaker Base
The Hourglass Mouthpiece
African Sapele Ring

The Flagship Base
The UFO Mouthpiece
Walnut Ring

Vitae Discount Codes

Vitae is running a 4th of July sale through July 8th with 20% off the entire store. You can stack this with my code “Stonermom” for an additional 10% off!

Toke Tonic | Terpene-Infused Bong Water

Toke Tonic is terpene-infused bong water that enhances the effects of your flower by adding terpenes from strains like OG Kush, Blue Dream, and Pineapple Express. Terpenes are the large class of organic compounds responsible for flavors and aromas found in all plants. Humans have a long history with using terpenes for their beneficial properties. For example, Limonene is a terpene found in the peels of citrus fruits and in other plants including cannabis. It has long been used for medical purposes, like boosting immunity, aiding in digestion, preventing and fighting infection and disease, helping weight loss, and decreasing anxiety and insomnia.

Cannabis is naturally full of beneficial terpenes. In fact, as cannabis education becomes more widespread, consumers will start making their purchasing choices based on terpene and cannabinoid content, instead of broad generalizations  like the sativa plant versus indica. Unfortunately, terpenes are sensitive to heat and are often destroyed during the act of combustion. This is where Toke Tonic comes in, boosting the terpenes consumed during your smoke session and increasing the effectiveness of your flower via the entourage effect.

As you may already know, terpenes are the 100% natural & safe active ingredients that give plants, fruits, and vegetables their flavor, aroma, and health benefits… This is possible because terpenes produce an entourage effect which can lessen negative side effects and enhance positive ones.

Terpenes are aromatic chemicals that are very sensitive to heat. Even the heat from your nail and/or bowl is able to destroy many terpenes. This is part of the reason why lower temp smoking methods like edibles and vaporizers enhance your experience with less product.

Toke Tonic adds terpenes into your water so that they by-pass the heat of your bowl entirely replacing the ones that are lost, providing a light fruity flavor that blends into the background enhancing the effects of anything you smoke!

Toke Tonic’s bong water is also helpful for keeping your glass pieces clean. It prevents heavy resin build-up making it easier to rinse out and thoroughly clean your bong. Toke Tonic doesn’t freeze so it’s perfect for stashing in the freezer pre-session so you can enjoy icy bong rips whenever you’re ready.

Toke Tonic is made from all natural ingredients plus a little bit of food coloring for a nice visual when enjoying your flower. There are 2 flavors to choose from, mint and original. I’ve really enjoyed my sessions with Toke Tonic and definitely feel an increased high when adding it to my sesh.

Toke Tonic Discount Code

Use codes STONERMOM or THESTONERMOM to save 10% off your Toke Tonic purchase!


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