Granddaddy Purple

Strain Review: Granddaddy Purple

Big Bud x Purple Urkle

Granddaddy Purple is one of the most popular indica strains of all time, hailing from pure indica parents. With its grape taste and those gorgeous purple buds, this big daddy of a strain is a classic must-try flower for strong pain-relief and deep relaxation. Plentiful in California and Colorado, this is one to try growing on your own!

Granddaddy PurpleCharacteristics

Granddaddy Purple has a compact structure, sticky with thick trichomes and often coming with several massive buds. As its left to mature it takes on a notable purple hue. It’s a very fragrant strain, undeniably grapey and perfect for newbies not yet in love with the aroma of cannabis. It has a strong scent and flavor of berries and fruit, leaving sticky sweetness on your lips and easing you quickly into its heavenly high.

The High

The high from Granddaddy is the stuff of dreams. No paranoia or anxiety. Not too drowsy but definitely makes falling asleep easy and pleasant. granddaddy purpleFor those staying awake, euphoria and creative thought await. Prepare for all anxiety to melt away. What on earth will you do with yourself when you aren’t worrying about something?

Be warned, this is a creeper of a strain. It’s literally packed with myrcene– that terpene that amplifies the sedating effects of marijuana. Its high starts euphoric and bright, then settles into a powerful, full-body high, making you ultra relaxed and somewhat drowsy.  There is couch lock potential for sure. Any knitters in my crowd? This is a strain for hipster knitters and combat vets alike.


Granddaddy Purple treats anxiety, and inhibits muscle spasms. An excellent choice for pain-relief and treating nausea, as well as for appetite stimulus. This is a wonderful stress reliever and an all around perfect strain for evening. Highly recommended.


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