We loved this episode! S6E5 The Door has been been the best episode we have seen this season thus far. Sansa confronts LittleFinger Carcetti, Bran has a bad trip on his vision quest, Tormund gapes at Brienne, We learn how the Ironborn get drowned crowned and Hodor. So much Hodor. This one is a doozy so order a few pizzas, bust a fat dab and get ready for Game of Stoned!

The Door

Episode 3 is packed with the feels. It’s also packed with information and plot development! Also we didn’t have to look at stupid Ramsey’s face even once!

Sansa gets an invite from pervy Littlefinger to meet up at a shack in Moletown, a town of moles.

Arya gets a death assignment from Sexy Jesus (I did not coin that), and it looks like it’s going to be a personal one.

The Ironborn choose their new ruler with a profanity laced debate, and we get to see how terrible the crowning ceremony is.

Bran observes how the first OG White Walker was made, and it’s… disturbing.

And in the last scenes of the episode we witness a super unfair battle, and learn how Hodor became Hodor, while simultaneously losing Hodor. You may shed some man tears.

It’s a sad one folks but a very good one and we hope you like our crazy ride through this episode.

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