Book of the stoner

S6E4 had some pretty “high” moments. Juan Snow reunites¬†with his sister Salsa Stark and she helps him get his undead balls back. Tormund develops a boner for Brienne of Tarth and the collective internet screams “yes!!!”. Tyrion strikes a deal with some slaver a-holes and Dany bares all… if you know what I’m sayin’. So grab your mystical wizard dragon bong and sit back and listen to GAME OF STONED.


In the latest installment of Game of Stoned we take you through season 6, episode 4 from beginning to end. Jon is reunited with Sansa which made The Stoner Mom shed a tear. Mel and Davos wet themselves a little when Brienne let’s them know that she killed the hell out of Stannis and reminds them that she hates smoke babies and those who “birth” them.

Tormund finds his true love, Jorah gives Daria the willies with his skin disease, Tyrion gives the gift of whores, Littlefinger gives sweet Robyn a new thing to heave out the moon door, and Dany burns shit up as per usual.

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