In this episode of the Mom & Dad are Stoned Podcast we drop some knowledge on ya’ll about marijuana consumption methods. Huh? Yeah, cause apparently there are other ways to use it! Smoking, Vaping, Edibles and Concentrates (Dabbing!). Today we’re breaking down the main methods and schooling stoner parents out there (and future stoner parents) on their many options for getting stoned. 

MADAS 22 | Ways to Consume Cannabis | Mom & Dad are Stoned Podcast


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Let’s face it, smoking is not for everyone. Parents especially walk a fine line when it comes to socially acceptable cannabis use. Smoking weed looks so much like smoking cigarettes, something we’ve all been conditioned not to do. So what to do if smoking just is not something you want to start up? Are you just totally out of luck in the cannabis department.

Absolutely not! Fortunately cannabis is such a beautiful substance we are able to consume it in a whole different bunch of ways. From concentrated pills for hospice residents to six foot balloons of vapor being passed around at a frat party. Cannabis is freaking magical man.

Smoking- the fastest method with immediate results. Despite years of propaganda there is ZERO evidence linking lung cancer to marijuana smoking.

Vaping- Booming in popularity, vaping is the method for hipsters and the health conscious. With this method cannabis is heated to a temperature just before combustion, resulting in cannabinoid rich vapor, and zero smoke.

Edibles: The most powerful of ways to consume cannabis. Narcotic, pain annihilating, with a danger for a bad trip, edibles are like the wild west of cannabis. Despite that, they are hugely effective and should be given a chance.

Dabbing Concentrates: Blow torches, solvent-made concentrates, and bongs that we call “rigs”. Dabbing is weird, new, and confusing for the middle-aged. Not after today. Dabbing just refers to the motion of “dabbing” a piece of cannabis concentrate to a very hot surface, and then inhaling the smoke.

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