In which we say zero about cannabis

We’ve found ourselves at the awkward end of GrowCast Season 1. In this season finale David somehow manages to devote 30 minutes to talking about The Wire. Huh?

Yeah, The Wire. As in, the show. David and I like our stories. We like to lay in bed and watch messed up stuff. We love binge watching a great series, and The Wire is one of them. So I let him talk about it. For an entire episode. Because when your harvest is over and you’ve successfully made your own weed, you probably should get stoned and watch something cool, like The Wire.

In the meantime, a podcast makeover

We are using this wrap up as our time to transition The Stoner Mom Presents: GrowCast to something different. David and I have decided to combine our podcast ideas into one show. We’re funnier when we’re together you see. So, from now on the podcast is going to have a different format and cover some additional topics outside of growing. I really think you guys are going to love it.

In the meantime, click play below to listen to our bizarre season one finale.


What’s going on with Dave’s grow?

Yes. you will for sure still be updated on the progress of my grow. Oh, and by the way I am NOT a Dave. I am a David 100%. I just like to call myself Dave when I am doing projects. Like IT Dave for working on our WiFI connection or in this case, Grow Dave.

Here is a pic of my flowering DWC plants a little over 3 weeks in. I am blown away at how fast these plants grow in hydro. They also want more light. They eat that up. Can’t get enough.



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