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In Which The Stoner Mom Goes on a Non-Related Tangent

*Note: Since the day my husband decided he was going to start growing hydro, he has annoyingly sung Lana del Rey’s “Brooklyn Baby” to me at random times throughout the day. For like, months now. MONTHS!!! And, since he outlines the show notes for his podcast but I actually write them, he had of course inserted his dumb joke/reference into today’s post. I’m taking it out, and combating his terrible impersonation with listening to dance mixes of our queen of sadness. Here’s one I love, queued up to the hydroponic weed. I AM SO OBSESSED WITH THIS REMIX.*


How to Grow Hydroponic Weed: An Introduction

There are tons of references to hydroponic weed in all sorts of songs. In fact, the term “chronic” for weed comes from Snoop Dogg’s stonedly thinking his dealer said “hydrochronic” instead of “hydroponic”. For realz. Hydroponic weed is marijuana made from cannabis plants growing in water instead of soil. That’s right. No soil. No dirt. Cannabis plants that take on alien characteristics because of its diet of nutrient rich, oxygenated water.

Popular belief is that this method of growing produces higher yields at accelerated rates. More weed, less time. Yes please. The downside is that people become super overwhelmed and intimidated by the concept. Putting a seed in some soil, watching it grow over time. That’s how we grow stuff right?

After a few successful grows with soil, David became interested in attempting hydro, and being the non-intimidated, manly-man (that sings Lana del Rey) that he is, he decided to jump right in. In today’s episode of GrowCast, David shares his trials and tribulations and gives some valuable tips on just how to grow hydroponic weed.

In GrowCast Episode 4:

• The different types of hydroponic grow systems

• Deep Water Culture: Assembling your own DWC setup

• Benefits of the hydroponic grow

• Hydroponic specific nutrients and the brand that David uses

• The PPM and the PH meter

• Maintaining your grow


Click play below and listen!


Music in this episode includes:

Digital Math – Hop Up
Jenova 7 and Mr. Moods – Under the Falling Stars
Dublova – WildWildWesternDub


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