Advanced Lessons


Going beyond the basics to more advanced concepts and techniques. Dabbing, vaping, growing your own weed, and much more.

how to travel with weed

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnxpHIl5Ynw High by The Beach: Travel with Weed When contemplating entering an American airport with cannabis, the average responsible adult is likely to start sweating profusely…

how to grow weed

On Podcasting My husband likes to talk. A lot. He’s one of those extroverted, bold, constantly yakking, tapping, bobbing, noise-making people. I am NOT one of those people.…

Dry Ice Bubble Hash Experiement

Why Husband is the Flyist So the other day I had sequestered myself up in my bedroom and the husband rushes in excitedly. With dry ice. Something about…