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Hi there friends! This post was originally published in September 2016, but in the wake of recent YouTube drama I am finding myself revisiting these old posts to update their video hosting information. I must admit though, I’m having fun looking through these old videos that were deleted by YouTube in a mass act of censorship of cannabis. In one of these I am wearing unfortunate false lashes. See? There was a time when I still tried! 

In this post I’m resharing two old gems from my 5 Minute Tips video series. These videos are all about quick answers and thorough demonstrations, made specifically for those unfamiliar with Cannabis. I’ll be sharing a lot of older videos in the upcoming weeks as I continue to transfer all those old YouTube videos onto this website. I hope you enjoy going down memory lane with me! 

Today’s selections: How to Smoke Weed with a Pipe, and How to Use a Bong. Because nothing makes you feel older than not knowing how to smoke weed when you are finally responsible enough to do so. Scroll on for easy instructions!

How to Smoke Weed with a Pipe

Pipes are timeless, affordable, and easy to use! Here’s a quick run down of the simple technique:

  1. Load the bowl. Put marijuana, either ground or manually broken up, into the bowl. If the hole at the bottom of the bowl is too large for ground herb, use a “nug plug”, a small nugget of marijuana placed slightly into the hole; and then add the ground herb on top of it.
  2. Hold the pipe to the outside of your mouth. Use your thumb or index finger to cover the carb (the small hole in the side of most pipes)
  3. Run a flame over the cannabis while gently “pulling”– sucking air through the pipe without actually inhaling smoke. As you pull, most of the smoke will collect in the pipe.
  4. When ready to inhale, release the carb (remove your finger), and inhale the smoke down into your lungs. Exhale. Enjoy. 

How to Use a Bong

Nothing makes you feel older than holding a bong in your hands and not knowing how to use it. It’s actually not complicated:

  1. Fill the bowl. Use the same method as filling the bowl of the pipe.
  2. Fill the bong with water. The correct water level depends on the particular piece. Just make sure that the water level is just above all percolators.
  3. If you feel up to it, practice a few pulls without lighting anything. This will give you a good idea of how to use the bong.
  4. Hold the bong to your mouth. The mouthpiece should always either completely surround your lips, or be held against the lips. It never goes in your mouth.
  5. Light the cannabis while “pulling” (sucking air through) on the mouthpiece. The. The smoke will travel from the bowl, through the down-stem, and under the water where it is cooled before inhaled.
  6. Just like a pipe, pull until you are comfortable with the amount of smoke collected in the bong, and then remove the bowl from the bong. This action has the same function as the carb on a pipe. You are releasing the smoke to be inhaled.
  7. “Clear” the bong by inhaling all remaining smoke in the bong while the bowl is removed.

I sincerely hope this post is helpful to some would-be stoners out there! If you know of someone who might benefit from seeing it, please share! As always, I wish you so much luck on your personal cannabis journey.

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