Wouldn’t You Think My Collections’ Complete?

Remember this bong? My favorite bong ever? I broke it.

Yes, just a few months after acquiring my favorite bong, I managed to smash it with my purse and break it into two huge pieces. Immediate regret, self-hatred, the works. But I did the thing I always do, fill the hurt with a shiny new piece, and so a few days later I returned with the bestie to Mile High Pipe and Tobacco, where I bought the first piece. I was determined to replace it with something exactly the same, all the while knowing in my heart they didn’t have one. Because I had bought the last one and broke it!

So while there were no exact replacements, I did find the last HVY glass bong in the shop that compared at least in size, if not in sophistication. Meet Ariel!

hvy glass bong


hvy glass bong
No slipping from my grip with work like this! Ariel has a thick mouthpiece with easy to grasp details.
hvy glass bong
I don’t know what these beautifully detailed knobs are called, but I like to refer to them as barnacles.
And barnacles like these are what lead to her Mermaid name.


Another detail, this spout for the down-stem is particularly wide, 29mm across, certainly the widest of any piece I’ve had. Finding a down stem to fit can be a challenge, so I ordered three 18mm/29mm stems from ssmokeshop.com so I would always have an extra onhand.


Of the three I ordered, two were this showerhead style.


This lovely crescent creates an ice catcher for cool hits and another handhold.

I also picked out this huge pink bowl that coordinates perfectly with the rest of Ariel. And so with a full bowl I go, off to enjoy another medication session!

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