Marijuana has been cultivated in the US since Jamestown and yet its outlaw status continues in many parts of the country today. Today we’re talking about how that began. When did cannabis go from being sold in pharmacies to federally outlawed? It’s all very dumb and annoying, and that’s what we’re bringing you today. ATSM: how often do you smoke around your kids? 

In Episode 46 | The History of Marijuana Prohibition in the USA

  • We get sentimental about one of our favorite movies
  • Our hatred of Saudi-backed Uber
  • Chuck Woolery. #notafan
  • Bark bark bark
  • Marijuana prohibition
  • Ask The Stoner Mom: how often is okay to smoke around your kids? How do you know when it’s too much?
  • What’s Going on in Dave’s Grow?

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