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Blue Dream is one of those classic strains that pretty much every stoner has had a go with. Google “most popular marijuana strain” and you’ll see just how prevalent Blue Dream is and how often it tops popularity rankings:

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Blue Dream holds the title of being the highest grossing strain out there and is a top recommendation for newbies and veterans alike. With a mellow high that has made it famous, Blue Dream doesn’t look like it’s going to be knocked out of its spot anytime soon.


This strain has a delightfully sweet flavor and aroma. With a strong taste of berry, Blue Dream’s approachable flavor make it a winner for newbies. Visually, Blue Dream varies from slightly fluffy to densely packed. There is usually a slight to moderate dusting of milk white trichomes, an indication of its moderate amount of THC.

The High

Blue Dream is so famous because of its perfect juxtaposition of full body relief and euphoric head high. The blend achieves a functioning high suitable for daytime medication, drowsiness-free pain relief and effortless socializing. Despite its status as a sativa dominant hybrid, Blue Dream doesn’t stimulate in an energetic way. Many report couch-lock, so definitely experiment first when trying this strain out for productive stonage use. If Blue Dream consistently acts more as a sedative or brings you down, try strains with slightly higher THC percentage.


Blue Dream is used to treat a variety of ailments but is uniquely suitable for those dealing with anxiety or depression symptoms. Its moderate percentages of THC (17-21%) means no jittery high and no onset of drowsiness. It offers immediate deep and effective treatment of pain paired with a joyful and mellow high. Blue Dream’s popularity is well-earned, and this is a strain that should be in every medicine cabinet.


Blue Dream in Pictures| Homegrown + Store Bought

For this review, I have the unique chance to share with you both our homegrown Blue Dream from last year, and store bought Blue Dream, purchased from a professional medical dispensary.

I came upon these old pictures of David’s Blue Dream harvest from last year and realized I had never shared them. These are a great example of David’s growth as a grower, all within the last year. His trimming, drying, growing medium, the size of colas, it has all matured and improved so much over such a short time, and I’m really impressed by that. As with anything, growing takes work and time. It’s not easy beginning again and again, especially when things go wrong. So much patience is cultivated through growing, so if you are in the process, cheers to you!






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