It’s here. Season 7 of our favorite show to watch while dabbing has returned! The premier episode started the season by setting the scenes for many character reunions. Arya’s perspective dominates the cold open, and the final moments of the show are without dialogue, as Daenerys Targaryen reaches the land of her birth. Get out your dragon bongs and come get stoned with us! 


Mom & Dad are Stoned 52 | Game of Thrones Season 7 Premier!

Arya demonstrates upgraded Faceless Man skills, Sansa bosses her brother whilst acting superior, Cersei is romanced by a Hot Topic employee named Euron, Sam serves soup, cleans chamber pots, and almost vomits, on a loop endlessly forever and ever.

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In episode 52 of Mom & Dad are Stoned:

  • announcing our Alphapatron, Jody! We love you girl! Check out our patreon page here.
  • also announcing our new podcast, Ask The Stoner Mom! Check it out and subscribe! The first episode will be next Monday. You can submit questions here.
  • Jamie Lannister in Blackhawk Down
  • One minute of JonBenet talk
  • Stonedly breaking down the première episode of season 7 of Game of Thrones


Pamgaea | Kevin Macleod |
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