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What is Microdosing?

Hi there stoners! In today’s post I’m talking about the benefits of microdosing, and why the technique might have a place in your cannabis routine. 

Microdosing is when you take a very small amount of a substance to experience its therapeutic benefits without feeling high. Cannabis is full of different cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) with beneficial effects, but sometimes too much THC can make us paranoid, increase our anxiety, or simply make us higher than we’d prefer. Microdosing is an easy way to experience the benefits of plant medicine, like an uplifted mood or pain relief, without feeling high or “stoned”.

A typical microdose is somewhere between two and five milligrams of THC. You can achieve this by limiting yourself to one small puff on a joint or vape, or using precisely dosed edibles or sublinguals. Modern cannabis brands pair THC with CBD at different ratios, which increases overall efficacy and results in different effects on the user.

In small doses, THC can be used to relieve pain, stress, and anxiety as well as improve mood and appetite. Microdosing is a great consumption method for people with little to no experience with cannabis, or those with a history of bad highs. It’s also an excellent method for daily cannabis users with a higher tolerance, like me! Sticking to lower doses of THC in the mornings is just one part of my layered approach to using cannabis medicinally. MIcrodosing keeps my work hours focused and productive while providing the mood lift and creativity that I turn to cannabis for.

For people looking to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids without becoming intoxicated, studies show that less is more. Small “microdoses” can have the same or greater benefit than larger doses—while seamlessly integrating into your productive life. –

Sum Microdose is a Colorado brand making sublingual tablets of precisely dosed cannabinoids. With five products of differing ratios of cannabinoids THC, CBD, and CBN, there is a SUM tablet for every part of your day. These tablets taste great and quickly dissolve under the tongue. And the best part is how quickly they kick in. Effects can be felt in fifteen minutes or less.

Read on for more details on Sum’s quick and precise microdosing system, and hit play on the video above to see them in action!

SUM | Superior Uptake Microdose

SUM’s water-soluble tablets have high bioavailability, quickly absorbing through your mucosal membrane. Sublingual absorption means the cannabinoids go directly into your bloodstream so you feel effects in 15 minutes or less. And the effects are consistent, so you can count on your medicine to give you the exact results you’re looking for.

SUM tablets come in five different modes for every part of the day:


THC: 2.5 mg
My favorite SUM! Small amounts of THC have vasodilation and excitatory effects, producing an invigorating feeling that is both mentally and physically motivating.


2.5 mg THC 2.5 mg CBD
An equal combination of THC and CBD can provide a powerful level of attention that helps me power through my to-do list.


3.6 mg CBD 1.4 mg THC
A unique ratio of CBD and THC to ease the stresses of daily life. I’ve been loving this one for when the whole stay-at-home thing gets a little too intense. Definitely a great one for parents to have on-hand these days!


1 mg CBN .5 mg THC
CBN is a less-known cannabinoid that can be used as an effective sleep-aid. SUM’s cannabinoid-only formulation allows your body to fall asleep without other sleep-aids like melatonin.


15 mg CBD .5 THC
Relief pairs a higher CBD amount with a very small amount of THC, thus boosting the overall efficacy of the CBD. 15 mg is a great starting dose or baseline daily dose for new or regular CBD users.

My Thoughts on SUM Microdose Tablets

With everyone in my family home for weeks on end, I’ve found myself relying more and more on these types of “functional” cannabis experiences. Between needing to be present and aware with my kids out of school and wanting to give my lungs a break during this current worldwide health crisis, I’ve been really appreciating smoke-free methods and precise dosing.

I’ve always been a big fan of daytime microdosing, and SUM makes it absolutely goof-proof. Each tablet is precisely dosed for optimal results, but they’re easy to double or even cut in half to further customize your experience. The tablets have a wintergreen spearmint flavor and dissolve in a matter of seconds under the tongue.

And they really do kick in quickly. Even at such low doses, I can definitely feel SUM’s subtle effects in around ten minutes. These are absolutely one of the better sublingual products I’ve tried, and you could not ask for a more discreet consumption experience.

As for effectiveness, I’ve really enjoyed each different mode of tablet and found each one to have noticeable results. My favorites are the Energy and Focus, and I actually enjoy combining the two for a perfect cannabinoid cocktail that results in uplifted and productive days.

The Calm tablets are also excellent and are great to have on hand when things get too overwhelming and I need a little mood adjustment. A real-life “chill pill”, no water required.

Easy to take, discreet, and consistently dosed, SUM tablets are a must-try for anyone interested in exploring microdosing with cannabinoids. I am truly impressed with this Colorado-made product, and highly recommend picking them up if you have the opportunity. Learn more about SUM and find out where you can pick them up at


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