Hello my fine readers! Last week I was on a family road trip to Texas, and didn’t get the chance to pop in here at all. I am so happy I’m back home where I can safely blaze it up! The Stoner Mom’s Summer is coming to a close, there are officially two weeks left until school begins! I have so much to do to get ready, and today is a blessing since I am finally completely alone in the house and can organize and prepare fully for the upcoming year. I cannot wait to get back into the rhythm of the school schedule. And Fall. How I love Fall!

Anyway, on my road trip I was of course unable to listen to anything inappropriate, so I had to lock myself away this weekend to get my fill of booty-shaking and rap-a-longing. Continuing with last week’s obsession with Childish Gambino, today’s song is one of the many (ie. all) songs in which he says something about loving Filipinas (who he calls the ‘black girls’ of the Asians). And of course, being one myself, this makes my girlish crush intensify.

Okay (alright) I’m down with the black girls of every single culture
Filipino, Armenian girls on my sofa

Yeah I like a white girl, sometimes we get together
Need a thick chick though, so it’s black and yellow, black and yellow
Love is a trip, but fuckin’ is a sport
Are there Asian girls here? Minority report

I love this song and video so much because- and I know this is weird, my stepson looks like the Korean replica of Donald Glover. He (stepson) is an excellent dancer and in this video I cannot help but see him in Bino’s every move. So, my crush has developed into a more appropriate maternal feeling- I am a few months older after all.

I also must mention that Donald Glover is a remarkable talent in other arenas:


Motivational Monday is The Stoner Mom’s weekly music post, whose goal is to introduce your mom to some nondorky jams. In 2015 all songs are personal rap favorites. The playlist is found here and is a good one for getting stuff done in the house when the kids are gone. 


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