No One

After a brief hiatus to Dorne for our honeymoon, we are back! Season 6, Episode 8 – No One. Well some say this is the lamest episode yet for Game of Thrones. We found some delights in the small things… like Qyburn’s eyebrows, the Waif’s stiff joints, Jaimie’s hand, Grey Worm’s jokes and Black Fish’s amazing hair. So it’s time to sit back, inhale the dragon’s breath and ready yourself for Game of Stoned! 

In Episode 8 we finally finish the whole Arya in Bravos thing and can move on with our lives! Bronn is reunited with his buddy tri-Pod and teaches him the fine art of dirty fighting. Black Fish’s story ends (disappointingly).  The hound gets a new pair of boots. Qyburn finally gets to see his zombie robot in action and shows his approval with brilliant face acting. All of this an much more!

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