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Tea Time!  | Stillwater Tea and Clockwork Coffee Review

Hi friends! It’s time for another edible review! In this post I’m sharing Stillwater Brands, makers of THC and CBD infused tea and coffee. For the visually minded, check out my video review below, otherwise scroll on for a detailed review!


Stillwater Brands | Smoke Free. Calorie Free. Judgement Free.

We help responsible adults find the calm they need to stay focused, productive, and in control of life’s many anxious moments. Scared of cannabis or consuming too much? We feel your fear. That’s why we offer a range of precisely dosed products that adhere to the highest quality standards. It’s also why we exclusively use water-soluble, cannabinoid distillates,  so you can have a fast-acting, repeatable experience that you trust every time — no surprises.


Stillwater brands has an impressive product line of THC and CBD infused tea, coffee, and dissolvable THC and CBD called Ripple (Ripple review coming soon!), all born out of the need to help the co-founders grandmother use cannabis safely and effectively, with a consumption method better-suited for her then bong rips.

Oh yes, much more user-friendly then bong rips.

Consumption Method Matters

Though smoking pot on the internet is all the rage these days, it’s not feasible for everyone. There are plenty of reasons intelligent adults choose to eschew smoking in some capacity, and for these consumers we need options. It is true that commercial edibles are getting more and more refined and precise, but many of us have dietary restrictions that make edibles inconvenient for daily treatment of symptoms relieved by cannabis.

Baked goods were out: if the marijuana helped, his grandmother’s diabetes would make daily consumption impossible. And pills were exactly the thing she was trying to avoid. So he went looking for something that would fit with his grandmother’s lifestyle. Something calming, yet healthy. Natural, but enjoyable. Something that would provide a sense of calm. Something she already loved. It took a little while, but in the end the answer was obvious: TEA.

And so Stillwater tea was born! Of course, humans have a history of using cannabis tea dating back to ancient times, so the concept itself isn’t new. But in our current confusing landscape of legalization worldwide, a product as refined and targeted as Stillwater, this precisely dosed THC tea seems refreshingly modern. As if an entire world of consumer choice and medication is opened up. 

Micro-dose or Invigorate | Meet Stillwater and Whitewater

Stillwater Brands makes tea in two strengths:

Stillwater: 2.5 mg both THC and CBD 

2.5 is the sweet spot of micro-dosing and perfect for those new to cannabis or those looking for the medical benefits of cannabis, without the intoxicating effect.

I use micro-dosing for daily treatment of diagnosed depression and anxiety. Getting stoned round the clock isn’t the best option longterm treatment for me, and so I’ve learned to customize my cannabis routine with methods and amounts. Daily CBD tinctures, daily micro-dosing THC with Stillwater tea, occasional edibles for targeted relief, and vaping and smoking cannabis for recreation, creativity, or intense depression relief.

Whitewater: 10 mg THC

For those looking for an almost intoxicating effect, 10 mg Whitewater is the way to go. Whitewater works more like traditional edibles, you’ll feel it anywhere from 20-40 minutes after drinking, and I’ve found the effects to last around two and a half hours. This is a perfect dosage for me, as it’s just enough to feel that unmistakable “high” yet fully functional, feeling.

And yes, I do confess that I have occasionally made of cup of tea using two of these sticks, thus upping it to 20 mg in a cup, and that, my fellow heavy weights, is a stoner mom secret.

10 mg for diving into life, 2.5 mg for relaxing into it.

Stillwater and Whitewater tea come in three unique blends:

Blissful Black – Caffeinated
Organically grown in the Assam region of India, this caffeinated will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and invigorated! This is my favorite blend for an afternoon pick me up when my energy reserves are depleted and I desperately need a sesh.

Gentle Green – Lightly Caffeinated
Organically grown in the Darjeeling region of India, lightly caffeinated Gentle Green tea is a pick-me-up that also calms you down. I love enjoying this blend at the beginning of my work day, when I’m looking to focus and be productive.

Mellow Mint – Caffeine-Free
Organically grown in Egypt, caffeine-free Mellow Mint tea is a delicate blend of peppermint and THC, this is my go-to tea when I’m under the weather or winding down at night and want something warm and calming.

All three teas are absolutely delicious, excellent on their own or sweetened up with cream, sugar, or honey and can be enjoyed hot or cold. There is no cannabis taste or smell, just excellent, soothing tea. My favorite of the tea is Blissful Black, being a caffeine junky, but all three have found a place in my usual routine.

Also, I have to confess, I’ve never been a hot tea drinker until I discovered Stillwater Brands, and I love how approachable and classic the flavors are. Stillwater and Whitewater tea has single-handedly helped my “coffee-all-day” habit that I’ve tried to control for like, all of my adulthood.

Tea Sticks!

Preparing Stillwater Tea

Instead of teabags we get tea sticks, which act as a disposable infuser. Water reaches the tea through hundreds of perforations, and you can use it to easily stir your tea as it steeps.

For the perfect cup:

Steep tea stick in hot water for 3-5 minutes while stirring frequently with the tea stick. Add honey!


ClockWork Coffee | Convenience, Caffeine, and Cannabis in a Cup

For the caffeine lovers out there, Stillwater created Clockwork Coffee, an instant coffee and cannabinoid blend for jump starting the day with energizing medication in mind. 

Clockwork Coffee has the ideal balance of caffeine for energy, and Ripple-powered THC distillate. This 100 percent Colombian instant coffee is available in convenient single-dose sticks, and can be prepared hot or iced. Available in two blends: Balanced 5 and Pure 10:

Balanced 5


With caffeine for energy, 5 mg of THC distillate and 5mg of CBD to banish caffeine jitters, this coffee is invigorating and smooth.

Pure 10


The ideal wake and bake! With a balance of caffeine for energy and 10 mg of THC distillate for clear-headed creativity, the Pure 10 blend provides a jolt of energy that will fuel productivity and focus for the entire morning. 

No lie, I’m pretty picky about my coffee, and so instant coffee is never going to be my favorite thing, but I see the convenience in these single dose sticks. Especially for those busy and needing to seamlessly integrate THC and CBD into their routine, Clockwork Coffee is a truly convenient and unique product.

When I enjoy this coffee, I add raw sugar and either cream or hemp milk. I also like it extremely hot, and so I always use a tea kettle when making this coffee.

At the core, Clockwork Coffee is just instant coffee, pre-mixed with Stillwater’s Ripple- water dissolvable THC and CBD. Ripple is an amazing product that I am really excited to share with you guys in a detailed future post. Until that post, here’s a sneak peek of Ripple! 

Last Thoughts

If I had to live with only one Stillwater Brands product, I would cheat and pick two: Stillwater Blissful Black for daily micro-dosing THC/CBD therapy, and Ripple Pure 10 for doctoring up… everything.

Stillwater is a Colorado brand, and is currently only available here. Add this product to the list of things to sample when visiting our beautiful state, and locals, rejoice that Stillwater is carried in a variety of locations here!


Always keep in mind that any edible or strain review is only one person’s experience. As I like to say, we are as varied and complex as the flower we smoke, and results vary between users. I love Stillwater’s tea and have enormous personal success using it in my cannabis routine. To learn more and see where you can find some yourself, check out the Stillwater website.


The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.

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