Strawberry Diesel | a Potent Hybrid for the High Tolerance Stoner

Strawberry Cough x NYC Diesel

A potent strain known for its sweet smell and high THC content, Strawberry Diesel is some of the most powerful flower I have been fortunate enough to try! Whether you’re seeking swift medical relief or are a daily-use stoner with a massive tolerance, this strain is a must-try for those seeking a strong effect.

I picked up my Strawberry Diesel from The Lodge, one of my favorite recommendations for Denver dispensaries. Check them out for their excellent flower selection, and stay for the edibles, concentrates, topicals and glass. Their friendly and knowledgable staff can help you find the perfect cannabis products for your unique needs.

Characteristics of Strawberry Diesel

Strawberry Diesel certainly lives up to its name! Sweet and pungent, this flower’s aroma is almost exactly that of both strawberries and diesel. Diesel refers to that danky, gas-like smell prevalent in certain cannabis strains. An exceptionally fragrant flower, Strawberry Diesel’s aroma is so strong that I can smell it from my grinder before I open it! It grinds up into a soft and powdery finish that is perfect for rolling joints, using in a bong, or enjoying in a vaporizer.

Much like The Lodge’s excellent Gelato strain, Strawberry Diesel’s strong musky taste is perfect for a long smoke sesh with a large bong and plenty of percolation. Despite its sweet smell, most of the fruitiness is lost when smoked, with the diesel taste being much more noticeable. Strawberry Diesel’s sweet and sour terpene profile works well in a vaporizer where more of its fruitiness shines through.

My Strawberry Diesel was comprised of small to medium heart-shaped buds that left their distinct aroma on my fingertips. With a generous sprinkling of crystal trichomes, the potency of this strain is obvious with a quick glance.

Effects of Strawberry Diesel

This strain is no joke and is best suited for those with some cannabis experience. With THC at a whopping 29%, The Lodge’s Strawberry Diesel leaves me sky-high!

The heavy effects for both body and mind come on fast and stay for a long time. Though considered a sativa dominant hybrid, I find this strain’s effects lean more towards sedative than uplifting. The high is deeply relaxing and tends to result in long hours of introspection.

I prefer to use this strain when I’m home for the day and don’t have too many responsibilities. Though definitely a functioning high that can be suitable for focused, intense work, there is a bit of a “coming down” period that I like to experience when I’m home without any deadlines. This is a recreational strain for me and is not one I grab when looking for energy or productivity. It’s one of my favorite strains for evenings in, and is perfect for television binging, relaxing in bed, and enhancing adult fun. 

Strawberry Diesel is extremely potent, so those new to cannabis should use caution. Long-lasting and fast-acting, stoners with a high tolerance will love finding a stain strong enough to make you feel like a newbie again.

Strawberry Diesel is a must-try for experienced stoners with a high tolerance. It’s also a great option for medical marijuana patients looking for high potency strains. With its powerful high, speedy onset, and long-lasting effects, Strawberry Diesel is highly recommended!


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  1. Brenda Mitchell

    I am looking for something to slow me down but I am a little concern about the high thc content. Maybe I could just take one or to hits of this to relax. I really do need to do something. Dont want to go on meds so I will try it out and see the results. Thank you for explaining STRAW BERRY DIESEL. ONE GREAT ARTICLE!

    • Brenda Mitchell

      I really dont t have a high tolerance g4or this high THC content weed. What I would like to know is this weed they call Loud safe to smoke. I have smoked weed that did not make me feel like I smoked weed. I prefer Reggie until further tests are done.