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Vape Sesh with a Twist | The Stoner Mom Show

Hello there friends! In today’s video, I’ve got a quick vape sesh using a new vaporizer unlike any you’ve seen before. Meet the Bowle by Tafee, a beautifully designed dry herb vaporizer with a unique drinkable twist. If you are a cannabis connoisseur who loves learning about new gadgets on the market, this is the sesh for you! Hit play on the video below for a fun vape sesh where I enjoy my homegrown cannabis in this one-of-a-kind device. 

Meet the Tafeé Bowle

The Bowle is an on-demand convection vaporizer created by some of the top minds in the industry. Delivering true on-demand hits, the Bowle produces an astonishing amount of delicious vapor that is noticeably smooth. Its intuitive design is easy to use, and of course, the added drinkware makes for an experience totally unique from what is currently available in the vaping world.

 On your table, Bowle is two devices in one. A puck that enables the on-demand and tasteful inhalation of natural herbs and loose leaf extracts, with an optional modular drinkware on hand for rehydration. –

The Bowle heats in one second, providing instant, resistance-free vapor, on-demand. And, because you’re only heating your herbs when you want them, your bowl avoids being overheated and stays fresh and ready to enjoy. Bowle uses ceramic pots to hold and heat your cannabis as well as a specialized grinder that can fill four additional pots at a time. 

Vaping with the Bowle is easy and satisfying. Even without the drinkware, this is an excellent dry herb vaporizer. 

But of course, I have to comment on the drink aspect right? At a glance, the drinkware is what sets this device apart from the pack.

The Bowle comes with a plastic cup designed to slide easily onto the puck base of the vaporizer. Add your beverage of choice and you’ve got your favorite drink and your favorite cannabis together at your fingertips! The first time I used the Bowle I could instantly see how useful it would be in my everyday life. I envisioned myself enjoying iced tea and weed on the back deck, or coffee and cannabis together during my morning wake and bake. 

I love how Tafee’s device works to seamlessly blend dry herb vaporizing into your everyday experience. All in all the Bowle is an intriguing device that is both a stealthy vaporizer and a conversation starter. With superior vapor quality, fantastic vapor production, and the added novelty of integrated drinkware, the Bowle won me over quickly as a welcome addition to my cannabis routine. Learn more about Tafee’s Bowle at


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