Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)
OG Kush x Durban Poison

Girl Scout Cookies is a strain as mythical and limited in supply as the culinary counterpart we are all addicted to. The cross between two legendary strains, Durban Poison and OG Kush, GSC has become enormously popular in its own right. It’s often difficult to find, so when you see it you should certainly snap some up. Powerful enough to satisfy the daily toker, and producing euphoria to hook any newbie. Girl Scout Cookies is a great strain to treat chronic pain and anxiety. Tight muscles? Have some Girl Scout Cookies. Be aware, GSC brings on some mad munchies, so having some healthy snacks on hand would be a wise choice for any stoner mom. Sweet smelling and tasty, with a rich earthy underbelly.

  • Energy: GSC gives a gentle surge of energy, perfect for daytime or nighttime use. Even with it’s intense body high, GSC never really puts you to sleep. It manages to coax you into a focused state of steady work, all while relaxing you to the point of contentment. Sigh. I love weed.
  • Mental Awareness: A wonderful strain for any creative task. This is a heady high; expect a lot of laughing. I love enjoying Girl Scout Cookies when I need to write a lot. It gives me that creative boost plus a good two plus hours of focused concentration. Excellent for deep conversations.
  • Emotional State: Happiness galore! Girl Scout Cookies provides a euphoria that is wonderful for hanging out with friends. All anxiety is eased, you are able to engage socially, you aren’t hung up on the small stuff.
  • Jumpiness/Paranoia: Sweet ganja lord, GSC is so perfect. Zero paranoia on this super happy strain.
Renowned for it’s pain relief and mood lift, Girl Scout Cookies is a solid winner for everyone to try. If you are lucky enough to find some of this beautiful and flavorful strain, be sure to snatch it up. Save it for an adults only party at home. Have some wine on hand, a good playlist, and bust out the Girl Scout Cookies. GSC will have everyone on your invitation list relaxed and at ease. Highly Recommended.






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