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Vena CBD

Vena is a comprehensive CBD brand co-founded by Real Housewives of Orange County alumni, Tamra Judge. Their product line includes everything from CBD-infused skincare to decadent chocolates and full spectrum tinctures. I was really wowed by this brand’s luxurious offerings, like soothing soaking salts and a super hydrating CBD mask. Read on for all my thoughts on Vena CBD’s offerings. I think you’ll be impressed!

Key Highlights

  • Luxurious CBD infused skincare products and topicals
  • Edibles, capsules, oils, and pet products
  • Third-party lab results easily accessible on the Vena website
  • Rewards program for points and discounts

CBD Products Available

Online Lab Results

Yes! View the third-party lab results for every Vena CBD product on their test results page.

Origin of Hemp

Vena’s CBD is made from Kentucky hemp under the Kentucky Hemp Pilot Program.

Vena CBD Products I’ve Tried

Vena HY Collection

Vena’s HY Collection puts the high in hydrating! Actually, no high, because we’re talking CBD here. Either way, the Hy Collection is an easy way to start adding CBD into your skincare routine. Each product contains thoughtful ingredients, a generous amount of CBD, and smells simple and clean.

CBD is anti-inflammatory, reduces redness and puffiness, regulates sebum production, and speeds up cell turnover. All of this makes it a fantastic addition to any skincare routine. Start small by introducing one CBD product into your routine, then add more if you like the results!

Daily HY Hydrating Serum

Highly Recommended! Vena’s concentrated Hydrating Serum contains 300 mg of CBD and botanicals formulated to help retain moisture. The Daily Hy serum contains hyaluronic acid, rosehip oil, and lychee extract. I love the fragrance of consistency of this serum. It fits perfectly into a nightly skin routine. Simply use on clean skin and before moisturizer for concentrated CBD and hydration-boosting botanicals.

Total HY Hydrating Gel Mask

This simple mask is another convenient way to pamper your skin with concentrated CBD.  Very similar to the serum in formulation, the Total HY gel mask contains 300 mg of CBD as well as hyaluronic acid, rosehip oil, and lychee extract. This mask has a subtle and clean fragrance, with a convenient pump applicator.

Suggested use of this mask is to apply a few pumps to clean skin and let sink in for 15 minutes before rinsing. I like how gentle this mask is and how easy it is to use. It definitely left my skin feeling extra soft and soothed.

Miracle Manuka

Another great product from Vena is their multi-use miracle manuka cream. This deeply soothing cream melts on contact into the skin and soothes and pampers. Use in a variety of ways, as an all-over body cream, for chapped lips, cracked feet, and to soothe any part of your skin that needs some extra attention.

This cream is crafted with New Zealand sourced manuka honey, 125 mg CBD, and seabuckthorn oil. Like Vena’s other CBD topicals, the Miracle Manuka cream has minimal fragrance and is THC-free.

CBD Soaking Salts

My Favorite Vena Product! Hand to heart, I cannot recommend Vena’s soaking salts enough! I recently battled not one but two colds back to back, and I found myself reaching for these salts time and time again to soothe my body aches and relax my spirit. Their packaging is beautiful and they smell so good, these would make an excellent gift for anyone who loves a good soak. 

The Revitalizing CBD Soaking Salts and Calming CBD Soaking Salts are my favorite way to enjoy CBD in the bath. While I’m a big fan of CBD bath bombs, I really prefer soaking salts like these. The salt is smooth and much softer than the standard Epsom salt bath, meaning no sharp salt at the bottom of the bath.

Each bag contains 300 mg of CBD and has enough for six soaks. Both the blends smell so good and contain naturally calming ingredients like jojoba seed oil and lavender. Add these to the tub and get ready to unplug and unwind! These salts leave my skin feeling soft and smooth and smelling amazing. 

CBD Chocolate

Another favorite Vena Product! Rich and delicious, Vena’s CBD chocolates have zero hemp aftertaste and taste every bit as decadent as they claim. Each chocolate is individually wrapped and contains 25 mg of CBD. Available in both dark chocolate and dark chocolate and peppermint.

Vena CBD Bites

Vena offers both full-spectrum and THC-free gummy bites so consumers can choose the right spectrum for their needs. Full-spectrum Vena products contain legal levels of THC, cannabinoids, and terpenes, and are in black packaging. Vena’s isolate gummies contain zero THC and are in white packaging. Simple!

Both types have a very similar taste and texture, with a soft firmness reminiscent of your favorite childhood gummies. The gummies are lightly coated in sugar and come in a variety of fruity flavors. Opt for Vena’s sleep gummies for a small serving of melatonin combined with CBD. 

CBD Tinctures

THC-free CBD Tincture

If you’re like me and oil tinctures are your preferred method of taking CBD, you’ll be impressed with Vena’s offerings. Their THC-free tincture is their best-selling product, crafted to easily fit into daily life. THC-free products are appropriate for anyone looking to avoid having THC in their system, even in trace amounts. It is available in 500, 1000, and 3000 mg strengths.

Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

I prefer a full spectrum tincture so that my endocannabinoid system is fully addressed with a full range of cannabinoids and terpenes, including legal amounts of hemp-derived THC. I tried Vena’s 3000 mg full spectrum tincture and found it to be pleasant-tasting and effective. The mint flavor is just right for me. Each dropper of the 3000 mg tincture contains about 33 mg of CBD. 

CBD Capsules

Rise + Shine Capsules

Highly recommended! Rise + Shine capsules by Vena are another favorite product from their line up! This year I have really been using a lot more CBD capsules, specifically ones paired with ingredients that address a variety of needs. Vena’s Rise + Shine capsules each contain 25 mg of CBD as well as B12, ginger, maca, and turmeric, with a goal of providing balanced energy and stamina. Try first thing in the morning or as a rescue from the dreaded afternoon slump.

CBD Gel Capsules

If you’re just looking for a CBD-only supplement, Vena’s simple gel capsules will serve you well. These contain 50 mg of CBD per serving as well as MCT. The capsules are flavorless and easy to take, so daily wellness is always at your fingertips. No oil in the mouth or sugary gummies, just a quick solution for CBD wherever you go.

CBD Calming Soft Chews for Pets

I forgot to grab a picture of these, but I had to make a note about how much my dog loves Vena’s CBD chews. My old St Bernard Max is regular user of CBD, and these are especially convenient with a small 3 mg of CBD per chew. I love that they come in a plastic canister instead of a bag, so the treats stay soft and fresh. These are bacon flavored and small, easy for dogs of all sizes to enjoy. I give Max 4 pieces at a time based on his size, and I can see them take effect via his calm naps. These were a big hit on the Fourth of July, and helped soothe him when the neighborhood got rowdy. Highly recommended!

Vena CBD

Vena CBD stands apart in a saturated market with it’s sophisticated line of CBD skincare, topicals, and wellness products. With both full spectrum and THC-free products, a robust line of capsules, gummies, and oils,  wow factor from Real Housewives Tamra Judge, Vena really impresses! With a product line that incorporates everything from skincare to pet treats, Vena is easy to recommend. Check out Vena and shop at


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