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Coffee Talk 57 | Wake, Bake, and Vape!

Happy Monday stoner friends! It is time for another Coffee Talk, my weekly Wake & Bake session where I get my mind right for the day with some coffee and cannabis. This morning I’m having a stoney vape sesh, using one device to vape cannabis, a concentrate, and a cartridge. I also catch you up on all things stoner mom and talk a bit about the intense Colorado real estate market.

Let’s kick the week off right with some plant-fueled energy and motivation! Don’t smoke alone, go grab your gear, and let’s sesh!

Coffee Talk Notes

Furna Multiuse Vaporizer with Swappable Ovens

Furna is a Canadian vaporizer company and designer of the multipurpose device I’m using in today’s sesh video. This unique vaporizer is capable of vaping all manner of material, whether you’re into dry herb vaping, concentrates, vape pens, or all of the above. The Furna is fast, smart, and intuitive, allowing for seamless swapping between materials and consumption methods.

The Furna vaporizer comes standard with two dry herb ovens. You can use those to organize different strains or to save time between bowls. It is also available with a single dry herb oven, or concentrate oven, both at a lower price.

You can pick up additional ovens at to further expand your device’s capabilities. All ovens are available a la cart so you can truly customize your vape based on your preferences. I love using mine as a powerful 510 cartridge battery during the day, and to switch to stonier methods in the evening by adding the concentrate or dry herb ovens.

This is a great vaporizer, and I am very impressed with Furna’s take on a multipurpose device. I love that your materials never share ovens, and I’m so impressed by how quickly the vaporizer switches between modes. I definitely recommend checking this one out.

Huge thanks to Furna for supporting The Stoner Mom and sponsoring today’s episode. You can learn more and pick up a Furna for yourself at


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