Daughter at 9


Nine years. Nine years ago Colorado was recovering from the strongest winter blizzard in decades. Mountains of snow were everywhere, grocery stores were empty, I-25 was shut down. And my water broke. Enter, Victoria.

Victoria is the quintessential first-born. She is serious, studious, and responsible. As a baby she had this constant expression of wisdom and judgement that would make adults squirm. Those huge eyes, such a unique color, are they blue? They were, but they are grey now, like the silvery scales of a fish.




Victoria continues to soar in her academics. She is a natural learner and finishes books daily. Her writing is descriptive and funny. She loves video games, loves YouTubers like Dan TDM and Stampy, and has read all the Harry Potter books multiple times.

She is a lovely combination of both her father and I. My coloring, his sideways grin. She’s quiet, like both of her parents, and a perfectionist, also like both of her parents.

October 2015_0082w

October 2015_0084w

She is in 3rd grade at an accelerated school, reading at 6th grade level, entering her second semester of 4th grade math, and… a Girl Scout. Sigh. I thank my lucky stars each day that my daughter is so easy, responsible and sweet. And yeah, she won’t always be this way, this perfect 9-year-old. I know that the crazy years of female adolescence are fast approaching. But you know what? We’ll get through it. In fact I can’t wait.

I’m not the type to wish they were babies forever. To be honest, the more independent from me they become, the more I find myself enjoying them! Victoria has such endearing mannerisms that are all her own and I love when I discover them! Victoria, my victory, a crowning achievement and a beautiful soul. I cannot wait to see the woman she will become.

October 2015_0085w


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