Glass Slipper | the perfect fit for a fairy tale session

Hybrid– sativa dominant

Glass Slipper has become one of my favorite everyday strains. It consistently delivers all the effects I expect from my cannabis. Uplifting, energetic, and analgesic, this strain gives me a high that leads to intense focus, increased productivity and optimal mental balance.

Characteristics of Glass Slipper

Light green with ample frost and long, dark orange pistons, Glass Slipper is a lovely strain to behold. Sweet and very approachable, GS has a delicate and almost floral taste. Don’t take it’s sweet unassuming look for gentleness though, Glass Slipper can be a hard hitter, just take a look at those trichomes!

This batch of Glass Slipper came from Bonfire Cannabis, a favorite dispensary of ours and an excellent choice for medical marijuana patients with specific cannabinoid and terpene needs. If you’re in Colorado, check them out.


glass slipper
Super practical jar c/o 420 Science.

The High

With THC anywhere from 12- 20+%, Glass Slipper is well suited for an experienced cannabis user. Newbies should proceed slowly, as this is a potent strain that kicks in right away. A typical high will last around two and half hours with a very little coming down phase. I experience no couch lock with Glass Slipper. I do, however, find myself spacing out mentally towards the end of my high.

GS is also a great strain for enhancing one’s intimacy. While relaxing and euphoric, this strain’s energy boost and single-minded focus make this a great strain for sex that won’t make you fall asleep before you get to it.

Medical Effects of Glass Slipper

Like I mentioned, this strain kicks in almost immediately. This makes GS a great strain for treating many medical ailments that need immediate attention. Particularly effective at treating anxiety, I find Glass Slipper to be a great strain to grab for unexpected panic attacks.

GS is also excellent for treating pain and depression, without any sedative effect, making it effective for daytime medicating.

glass slipper


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