A Stoner’s Harvest: Drying & Curing your Home Grown Cannabis!

It’s party time stoners! In this episode of GrowCast we talk about what to do at the end of your grow. Unfortunately, you can’t chop it down and start smoking it immediately. I mean you can, but it won’t be as good if you take a little time to do the necessary things to make it wonder weed. Today David and I cover the basics behind timing your harvest, how to do it, proper drying, and good practices for curing your weed.

In GrowCast Episode 10:

• The critical signs that tell you it’s time to harvest

• How to cut down and trim your own plants

• Collecting Shake

• How to dry cannabis

• Jarring and curing your weed

• An update on our grow!


drying and curing (1)

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