The Many Faces of Parental Cannabis Use


In my Meet a Stoner Mom series I’m introducing you to the many faces of maternal cannabis use. Big ups to these brave parents for submitting their answers! If you want a chance to be featured as a Meet a Stoner Mom, fill out the form at the end of this post.


For May, I wanted to feature a mom that represents the future to me. My four kids are all aged ten and under, so while I’m not in the baby stage of parenting, I’m like a decade away from getting high with my kids. Jennifer has one 21-year-old son, and her love for him shines through.

I’ve never really thought too much about having adult stoner children. I mean, the drug war has made it feel weird enough raising the next generation to respect cannabis, it’s hard to imagine us having bong rips over thanksgiving when they’re home from college or whatever.

But really, isn’t that the future? I mean, we have champagne toasts at our children’s weddings and beers with our dad’s over sports. How far off is it to imagine cracking up over your 21-year old’s stoned thoughts? Honestly, this is a future I can get behind. 😉


Meet Jennifer


Stoner Mom



How many kids do you have and what age range are they?

1 son, 21, still lives at home

Why do you use cannabis?

I use cannabis to relax and gain insight into my feelings. I suffer from depression and still take my meds, the lowest dose, which I feel is helping a lot. I learned so much about myself when I started smoking regularly, and I feel like it has a permanent place in my life, although I am leaning on CBD much more now. I also tried using only cannabis when I got my last migraine and found it worked a lot better than Imitrex and pain pills.

How open are you about cannabis with your kids?

I have a close relationship with my son and he knows he can talk to me about anything. Because of that I felt I should never be dishonest about myself to him. We have talked a lot about it and I wanted to be there when he wanted to try it. I am not naive to the fact that kids want to experiment with drugs and alcohol and I think the more honesty and knowledge kids have, the less likely they will go crazy with it.

What does your daily stoner schedule look like?

I work 3 days a week and smoke when I get home. I don’t like to wake and bake unless I am going to do something fun with someone else who smokes. I have few friends that smoke with me. My son is my favorite stoner pal. I would love to have a female friend to get baked and go shopping and do lunch with, but I haven’t found that person yet. My husband smokes with me occasionally, but he likes beer.  He is coming around, bit by bit.


Love it! Jennifer, thank you so much for sharing your stoner mom story with us!


I would love to hear your stoner story! Submissions are open to stoner parents of all kinds, male, female, whatever’s clever. For a chance to share your stoner parent story with us, fill out the form below.


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