red dragon strain review

A strain for the sophisticated stoner, Red Dragon is sweet and spicy with powerful sativa characteristics that will have you slaying dragons for hours.

Red Dragon
Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Afghani x South American 

Red Dragon is a sure thing, when I see it in the store I know it’s coming home with me. Always works, always says yes, always a good time. Red Dragon is a sativa dominant hybrid with a host of amazing effects. A very powerful strain, effective at treating pain, nausea, and depression. It’s euphoric high make Red Dragon a great choice for chasing away the blues, putting pep in your step and getting stuff done.


Sweet and earthy with a hint of spice. Large and compact nuggets with lots of color running through.

The High

Red Dragon is mega potent, good enough to take the most experienced of stoners off to a magical land of dragons and … HBO. I would not recommend this strain to a newbie because it is so powerful. Also, if you are a stoner that leans towards the paranoid, then go slow with the strain.

Though it’s a powerful weed for organizing tasks, Red Dragon isn’t the most focused high. A few too many giggles for serious work. I’d leave this one for cleaning out the freezer. There can be a definite post-high crash with Red Dragon, so plan your activities accordingly. I love using Red Dragon to wake and bake, or as an afternoon pick me up. I love the giggly and euphoric energy.


Red Dragon is an excellent treatment for depression and anxiety disorders. It also works wonders for nausea and pain.

With a unique flavor and consistently powerful effects, Red Dragon is a sure thing for pain, nausea, depression and stress. If you tend to be the paranoid type Red Dragon may not be the strain for you. For The Stoner Mom, the solid hours of productivity that Red Dragon provides outweighs the jittery effects. Highly recommended for sativa-loving adrenaline junkies.

Red Dragon Marijuana Strain

Red Dragon Marijuana Strain

Red Dragon Marijuana Strain

Red Dragon Marijuana Strain


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