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Attempting a Morning Medication Sesh

There are a few things I need to do every day to ensure that I’m living a healthy, happy life. Getting up early, planning my day every morning, eating healthy, and making sure I’m properly treating my anxiety and depression are all steps in my basic morning self-care routine.

In the past I’ve used Waking and Baking as part of my morning routine, coming home from school drop-off to do some morning bong rips to ease my anxiety and keep me productive and depression-free. I’m lucky to have school-aged children where I’m allowed some privacy during the day, but not every cannabis-friendly parent is at that stage of life just yet. That might mean sneaking in a medication session, hastily exhaling clouds at the back door, hiding in the bedroom for a couple quick tokes, and hopefully avoiding curious toddlers or whining little ones.

Another hassle of fitting in a proper medication sesh or wake and bake, is the time investment involved. Medicating before work might be something that just takes too long to properly attempt, perhaps by the time you’re ready for work, there simply isn’t time to get out the bong, grind up the weed, and sit down to finish a bowl.

One way to avoid the hassle of a morning sesh if you aren’t allowed the privacy or time to truly enjoy one, is to switch up your method of consumption. So, instead of a few greedy pulls on the bong, how about just adding THC in your morning coffee? Or medicating your eggs and bacon? Or enjoying THC infused tea? Or perhaps medicating your favorite breakfast smoothie?

In this post I’m sharing one of my favorite parts of my standard morning routine, my medicated breakfast smoothie! By blending together some of my favorite things like coffee, chocolate, and cannabinoids, I’m able to enjoy a healthy and medicated breakfast without dirtying pans, loading a bong, or smoking up the house.

Stoner Mom’s Medicated Morning Smoothie – a smoke-free way to medicate in the morning.

Different Ways to Enjoy a Medicated Breakfast

Ripple Dissolvable THC & CBD | a Foolproof Way to Medicate Breakfast

Now, I will admit that in Colorado it’s a little easier to dabble in edibles, because here we have amazing, future thinking companies who are creating cutting-edge cannabis products. One such company is Stillwater, a Colorado brand I am proud to work with and who created both Stillwater Tea- THC/CBD infused tea, and Ripple- dissolvable THC/CBD. Read my full review on their excellent tea and instant coffee products here.

Ripple is a truly revolutionary product and I’ve yet to see anyone else make anything that comes close to it. Individually packed dissolvable powder, Ripple looks like the sugar you add to your coffee. Discrete, odorless, and flavor free, Ripple gives you the power to turn any food or drink into an infused edible. Single serving doses allow you to personalize your food like no other edible. No need to medicate the entire batch of brownies, with Ripple you can be precise and medicate only your portion.

Calorie-free, odorless and flavor-free, Ripple Dissolvable THC comes in perfectly precise packets containing water-soluble cannabinoid powder that allows consumers to make any food or beverage an edible – from protein shakes and salad dressings, to soups, tacos and more – without altering taste or texture. With Ripple, there are no unpleasant oil slicks or unwelcome “grassy” flavors.

Another reason Ripple is such a great addition to your morning breakfast, is its super fast absorption. The water-soluble cannabinoids in Ripple are absorbed into the bloodstream in three places, under the tongue, in the soft tissue of the digestive tract, and in the liver. Triple absorbtion means a uniquely fast acting edibles experience with effects felt in as little as 20 minutes.

My favorite “trick” for consuming Ripple is to add a healthy amount of it to my standard Starbucks order. $5 lattes already feel like pure decadence, why not kick it up a notch by adding two pack of Ripple’s Pure 10? Adding Ripple to a hot and foamy soy cinnamon dolce latte and drinking it in the sunshine is seriously my favorite way to kick an afternoon slump.

Ripple comes in three formulations:

Pure 10 – contains 10mg of purified THC distillate, for a smooth, comfortable experience that’s quick to arrive and slow to depart.

Balanced 5 -contains 5mg THC and 5mg CBD distillate, for a perfectly balanced experience.

Relief 20:1 – contains 10mg of cold-water-soluble CBD and 0.5mg of cold-water-soluble THC.

Making my Medicated Morning Smoothie | The Stoner Mom Show

Medicated Morning Smoothie


Measurements are approximate. Use more ice and less liquid for a thicker milkshake consistency.

  • 1/2-1 cup milk alternative (hemp, soy, rice, almond, coconut)
  • 5-10 fl oz cold brew espresso drink
  • 1.5 Tb hemp seed
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
  • chocolate syrup
  • ice
  • 1 banana
  • 3 packs Ripple Pure 10


Add ingredients to blender. Pulse until smoothie reaches desired consistency.

You can add Ripple to the entire batch before you mix it, or add to individual glasses for more precise dosing.



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