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Stardawg, with its instant energizing high, is becoming one of my favorite daytime treats. Descended from Chemdawg and Tre Dawg, this sativa-dominant hybrid is a great strain for parents or anyone who spends a lot of time in their day moving around. High energy and uplifting, Stardawg is also a great social strain, and excellent for all sorts of anxiety disorders. Easy going and well rounded, Stardawg is appropriate for both newbies to cannabis and the well-versed.


Stardawg tends to come in smaller, looser buds, light green in color with wispy orange pistols and a heavy dousing of powdery tricombs. Pungent with pine and diesel, this is a tasty strain that really shines when vaped when all of its terpenes can be more greatly appreciated.

The High

Try Stardawg before your next workout! Because it is so energizing and uplifting, you may find yourself surpassing your normal stamina. Stardawg’s high is really focused, meaning it’s a great strain to pull out when you need to make serious gains in whatever your goals are. Stardawg is very high functioning, excellent for school and work, and very appropriate for the stay-at-home parent.


An excellent remedy for stress, depressionanxiety, and fatigue. If you’ve been feeling unmotivated or overwhelmed, give this strain a try! Plan ahead for munchies because this strain is also great for lack of appetite.


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